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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3656


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UNIT 2A AND 2B ICT IN ORGANISATION ICT SYSTEMS FOR LEISURE Task 1 Ticketing System Diagram Task 2 The Software Guildford Leisure Spectrum is the Largest Leisure Spectrum in the U.K. The Guildford Leisure Spectrum has several objectives that need to be met in order to run successfully. The Sales/Finance Department objectives that are similar to the Organisation objectives. The Leisure Centre has 37 different activities so the Sales Department wants to provide a quick efficient service to the customers on the tills. As I have said above that the Guildford Leisure Spectrum provides 37 different activities to the Customer so in order to sell tickets to the customer quick and efficient, the Sales Department uses Torex. Torex was installed in 2001, the hardware is much more powerful than the Old System so it help to meet the Organisation objective as, Torex holds a lot of data about customers and different range of tickets, Prices, different types of Day, different type of people, Family fun day tickets and etc. Torex holds details of all these different rates and discount. Another objective is that they want to reduce the time the customer's spends waiting for the ticket. Moreover it also helps the Sales Department to stop the facility being double booked. Also the organisation wants to provide better facilities to the cashiers at the till to enable them carry out their job easily. An important objective is that they want to monitor each till and how much profit or loss is made. These objectives have been set by the Managing Department to provide an excellent service to the customers. There are also small objectives set by the Managing Department for example; to provide customers with prove of their ticket and correct details on it. For any organisation to meet its objective it has to make changes in this case Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre they have made a big change and that is they replaced their previous system LAB (Leisure & Amenity Booking System) ...read more.


In Guildford Spectrum the sales department uses mouse to navigate through the Torex system files, information and folders. The mouse is used by the all the staff except cashiers in the tills as they use touch screen which doesn't need a mouse. Mouse is used to navigate it enables the department to open and modify information in the ticketing system. For example using mouse the sales department are able to open the TLMS system and using the button they can make changes. Mouse meets its needs as it allows the sales department to navigate which is the mouse function. Using mouse the department can also open files which are required by the manager to view the balance. The initial use of mouse is by the manager as he/she uses the mouse to open the Torex system to view the balance and pass further information to the managing department if decisions are to be made. Mouse helps the organisation to achieve its objective as the sales department uses the mouse to open the TLMS system and view the information. The use of buttons also allows access to all the utilities of the system. Task 4 Hardware-Output devices Printer A printer prints information using ink on the paper. In the Sales/Finance Department system printer is used to print out tickets to give to customers. Tickets are given as a prove to the customers that has been paid by the customer to use the facility. This helps the Sales/Finance department to identify those who has entered without paying and are misusing the facilities. Furthermore, the printer also prints out information to the customers for example if a customer asks for ticket prices they are able to print it out. They also use the printer to give receipt. The Printer meets the stated needs as it allows the Ticketing system to print out the information and gives a prove to the customers that they have paid for a particular activity. ...read more.


The data stored is not only seen by one staff it can be seen by the whole department as it is stored in the system however it is by the staff which are permitted. As I said above all the computers are connected to the server, the server's hard drive is used as backing up device as it is safe and no body except the server has access to it. Storage and backing up devices meets the stated needs as they are there to store the data. Furthermore they have been replaced as they were expected to be better than the previous one. Now it allows the organization and sales department to store more data and keep it safely. The server hard drive provides them with efficient storage and safety; it is not accessible by any one and can only be accessed by the administrator in the organization. Mention Department name The storage and backing up devices helps the organization meet its objective; it provided them with storage of data safely. All the data that has been inputted into the Torex system is stored in the hard drive, this helps them meet the objective of maintaining profit because using this they can review their balance sheet and see how much they have spent and earned. It will also allow them to see what kind of the tickets are the most or least popular and based on this the managing department can make decisions. The hardware and software's mentioned above work together as a system. The touch screen, Torex system, printer and processor allow the ticketing system to work efficiently. The touch screen allows the cashier to select the ticket type and takes the data it is then processed and printed as a receipt. The data that has been entered is then taken to the server where it is again processed and then appears on the Torex system. These component works together to form the system of ticketing or sales. ?? ?? ?? ?? Basheer Zaheer Report 2A & 2B Mrs Maree/Mrs Heer 1 ...read more.

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