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Unit 2D Evaluation Evaluation for the system created Looking back at my tables, I think that the layout was most appropriate for the purpose

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Evaluation for the system created Looking back at my tables, I think that the layout was most appropriate for the purpose because I feel that the final result is fantastic. I managed to put in all the information that I think was required. Although, I think that if I had had more time to design the tables, I think my tables would look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As looking at my tables, I have realised that all of them look plain. When I started putting the data into the tables, I found out that some of the boxes had a limited number of characters that could be input, and for some categories, I needed to put in more information. If I could have designed the tables again, I probably would have added a bigger allowance of characters so that I could easily write full length descriptors. I did not find anything I had done using the tables easy, because I found them straight forward, and easy to manage. Working with the joining tables was easy because all we had to do was go through a set up wizard that guided us through what we needed to do. ...read more.


The documentation I produced was very effective in that I feel if I were to use this to access something on the computer, I strongly believe it would be easy to follow. I have given a full explanation for each step to step guide, which makes it easy to understand and carry out. I had to create an automatic way of recording staff details. This was easy for me because I just had to enter all of the information that I needed. This involved entering the staff names, address, postcode and occupation or category. The only difficulty that can be associated with making the tables was actually inputting the information in design view. I found this hard because I was unsure where the data would all go. Other than that, I don't think this was a hard task as I completed it successfully. I did a report on the ages of the customers. This was successful as I was able to use the ages of the customers to put the customers in age groups to send them promotional letters and renewal letters. ...read more.


Improvements that can be made to the system Backing up data * The first improvement that can be made is that the system could be backed up to ensure that none of the information is lost through misplacing or just misinterpretation: Utilising a Universal serial bus * This can be achieved by using making taking it upon ones self to use a USB (universal serial bus) to comply the work with ease. This will mean that if any data is lost, the original can be retrieved from the universal serial bus. An alternative can be just by making a back up of all the information on the computer by clicking back up all information in the intended folder Make fields shorter * To make my searches more efficient, the major find like the address could be made shorter. This will be a fantastic time-saver because if you needed to look for a certain address quickly, you could just search for the correct address; without having to read through the street name, location etcetera. * This can be achieved by just entering the postcode of the location you are trying to find. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2D: Evaluation Mike Weston Broadway School 1 ...read more.

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