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UNIT 3B - The impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effects on his/her working style

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UNIT 3B - The impact of ICT on an adult in employment, including the effects on his/her working style Mr Nash is the head of the ICT department at a large secondary school. He uses many pieces of technology to meet the needs of his everyday life and to enhance the ease and quality of different activities. He uses the following technology in different aspects of his life: - Personal: IPod, Internet, Mobile Phone - Social: Mobile Phone, E-mail, - Professional: PDA, Laptop, Interactive Whiteboard The needs of Nr Nash include: - being able to contact people on a personal, social and professional level - being able to listen to music, watch videos and store photos on a personal level - being able to store information, such as presentations and data on students, on a professional level - being able to teach interactively and effectively in a classroom situation on a professional level - being able to access information and take registers whilst teaching in school on a professional level - being able to buy CD's, DVD's, games etc. on a personal level Mr Nash uses a Nokia 6220 to make calls and text contacts when necessary. Texting is an excellent feature as it means that he is able to contact someone without disturbing them. ...read more.


He uses a 46.6bps connection through vispa.com. Although the internet connection speed if relatively slow, it is good enough for what he uses it for. He makes use of the school broadband whilst at work and uses this when needing a faster connection. He also makes use of the wireless internet connection whilst on the train to and from work, extending the time in which he can work and allowing his working hours to be more flexible. Mr Nash believes that if he were to purchase broadband at home, if would not be worthwhile as he would not use it frequently enough for it to be worth his hard earned money. Mr Nash uses his various internet to carry out many jobs, such as purchasing CD's via amazon.co.uk, buying food from asda.com and accessing his email account. He is able to buy the desired products cheaper at amzon.co.uk. It also allows him to purchase the items in the comfort of his own home and save time. Mr Nash uses Asda.com to do his weekly grocery shopping. He is able to search through items and select exactly which items he wishes to purchase. He can also conveniently select a time for the food to be delivered straight to his door. ...read more.


The PDA has a calendar that allows him to plan schedules for days at school well in advance. There is also an alarm on the calendar which reminds him when he needs to be in a meeting or when he needs to be at a special school event. In addition, there is a hand writing recognition and memo writing software on the PDA. These programs enhance his teaching and the professional tasks that his job entails. The only disadvantage of Mr Nash's PDA is that it has a short battery life and the power will run out very quickly unless it is connected to the mains or a computer. This is inconvenient and is the only feature of the PDA that prevents it from fully meeting Mr Nash's personal needs. A PDA with a longer battery life would hugely enhance the impact of ICT on his everyday working life. In conclusion, Mr Nash, as an adult in employment uses a large variety of ICT in order to meet his personal, social and work-related needs. Although some of his devices has slight drawbacks, they are the best that he wishes to buy and they all enhance the effect of ICT on his everyday life. They all succeed in meeting the demands of an adult in employment. Only with a lot more money would Mr Nash be able to improve the effect of ICT on his everyday life. David Locke ...read more.

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