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Unit 4 Multimedia -Review for Product 1 KS3 Strategy Presentation

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This is a Powerpoint presention named "KS3 Strategy presentation". When I firstly opened it, I had found it in the 97-2003 Presentation format. This is a powerpoint presentation made up of exactly 14 slides. It was given to me by my teacher, we just had to upload it from Fronter. The presentation has different types of informations, which could help them to solve different problems such as: helping under-achieving students, this could be done by helping them through whiechever way is best for the students and for the teachers.The target audience for this product has to be teachers. The target audience can be found by looking carefully at certain aspects of the whole presentation. For example, in the whole presentation, the background is made up of a patterned pale green colour, which remains constant throughout the whole presentation. This shows us that it's not actually suitable for children. This presentation has been created to give an overview about the different strategies that exists, the way they could be tackled, an overview of the national numbers, comparing datas and finally how parents and carers could do to help their children. ...read more.


However, there are words that might be not be clearly understood, an example for this could be the word "dissemination". Some teachers might know what it means but I don't think that they would have really understood it's meaning. The other thing is that there are a few spelling mistakes in the presentation, and this makes the prensentation look unprofessional. An example for a mis-written word is that "underattainers". The information and the way it had been laid out, does look professional. The good features are that they have been bullet-pointed so it's simple and goes straight to the point. On the other hand, the not so good feature is that uncommon words have been used, so the audience might not fully understand what is being shown. Sound, video and navigation There are no sounds in this presentation. The good features is that that it looks more professional without music and sounds. It is actually more suitable for the target audience this way. However, the not so good feature is that without music the presentation looks kind of tedious which might again make the teachers lose their interest in what is being shown. ...read more.


Powerpoint presentations do not usually need introductory tips, if any of the audience was stuck somewhere they could ask questions or check on the "Microsoft help" search engine. The presentation has been arranged in a very confusing manner, there's also a slide with no body text on, which makes the presentation even more confusing. The contents page can also be found on slide 12 when it should have been on page 2. This actually gets the audience confused, so if it was put there for a purpose then it should have probably been stated more clearly. The aims have been partially met but there's spave for more improvements such as arranging it in order, addind pictures or a video, no spelling mistakes and so on. The aims have been partially met like I've said before, this is because even though the order is not logical, the text is still there, it is simple and understandable, in most occasions, in some slides it wasn't really clear. Some slides are not in a logical order, some have spelling mistakes, not even one picture or a video had been included, the vocabulary is sometimes too firm and hard to understand. If these changes were made, then the aims would have been fully met. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 4 - Multimedia Review for Product 1 - KS3 Strategy Presentation ...read more.

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