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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1542

Use of computers in teaching and training

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Tomas Wilson 15676 The occupation that I will be discussing in relation to the relevance of computers is teaching. I will explore the use of computers in primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. I have chosen the teaching profession due to the fact that I am hoping to persue a career in teaching and thought that the research would be interesting and relevant. Contents Table of contents Introduction Computers in Schools Equipment needed Conclusion Introduction Computers have become a fundamental part of modern day life and are becoming increasingly important. Computers touch most areas of life, from entertainment to education; computers have changed people's lives. As technology is rapidly upgrading so too is the way in which students engage in there education. Computers in schools today are just another form of interactive teaching. Presently schools and educational organizations place a greater demand and almost expect the use of computers as form of learning and presenting there information and assignments. As there is a greater push for globalisation, the reality for the future of students is to be able to be in contact with educational institutions at anytime and any place in the world. ...read more.


Many schools have not been able to afford the costs of installing the new technology that they would like to use. Others have weighed the advantages and disadvantages and found contradictory claims and little evidence on the extent to which learning is enhanced from different ways of applying information technology. It is therefore extremely difficult to predict how rapidly teachers and schools will appropriate into their routines, the newer technologies and methods for using them. According to Professor Larry Cuban from Stanford University, "the availability of technology has not brought about fundamental changes in education" (1998;2). Cuban argues that computers are incompatible with the requirements of teaching, hard to master and use and often break down. (1998). Internet and Intranet . The internet or the World Wide Web is a collection of networks that links millions of educational institutions, government agencies and businesses. This easy to access internet provides us with goods, services and information that assist in education. The Internet is arguably the most rapidly spreading communication technology in history. What makes this diffusion so remarkable is that its adoption and use demands considerable expense and skill. ...read more.


All teachers in my years at school had and online web page which all students must access in order to revive handout and assignments out lines. Conclusion The fact that billions of dollars have been spent over the past 20 years to provide technology and wiring in our schools, suggests that Cubans argument as outline earlier is out of date. "Robot teachers" are not inevitable. In fact the opposite it true. Research has shown that, provided teachers are effectively trained and the student: computer ratio is not less than 4:1, Information technology Learning has the ability to increase conversation, sharing and learning among students and between students and teachers. According to the 2003 Centre for Education Policy of the University of Southern Maine, students who used laptops reported an increase in interest and positive impact on their education. Growth of computer use in the classroom is not a quick process. It depends on a balance between expanding and improving the necessary Page 7 Computational infrastructure, including hardware, software and support. Funding is also a significant factor in deciding the amount and quality of e-learning technology. IT Learning is here to stay and the sooner teachers, lecturers and students become competent with the systems, the sooner they will recognise the benefits. ...read more.

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