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Use of ICT in Sainsbury's:

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ICT in Organisations Use of ICT in Sainsbury's: Sainsbury's is a very successful company that uses ICT for very different purposes, it is mainly known for its quality eating and drinking products but also has many great items such as top-class digital cameras, flowers and gifts, kitchen appliances, electrical and books. Sainsbury's also sells Computer made products such as Music CD's and DVD'S. The main purpose of Sainsbury's is to make life taste better as the slogan states and to make sure their customers are 100% happy with the product they have bought. Five ways Sainsbury's use ICT: * CCTV(Closed-circuit Television) * Barcode scanning system * Security Sensors * Sainsbury's Website * Electronic Price Guns 1) CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) Top Business's such as Sainsbury use CCTV mainly for the reason that it is safe and secure, it is also cheap and reliable, instead of paying a security guard �16,000-�22,000 a year, the company can instead spend it on its own goods and make the company more successful and attractive. CCTV is also a major use for evidence, for e.g., if you have someone claiming that they have been given the wrong change or any thing to do with someone being accused of something, you can find out by simply checking the video in the CCTV, it will show what happened and no-one would disagree with the footage.. ...read more.


This service is expensive. * The bar code computer software necessary to process bar coded shipping and receiving transactions is usually far more complex and expensive than the software used to count on-hand quantities. Furthermore you can get a virus which can corrupt you system. 3) Security Sensors Security sensors are mostly used in top businesses to prevent thieves from stealing. Sainsbury uses Security sensors mainly on Electrical products to reduce the risk of loss of products which are expensive. If security sensors are not used and the products are being stolen, this will result in the shop making the product more costly because of the rarity of the stock, by doing this other rival shops will be alerted and may decrease the price of the same product which will cause increase in customers and more profit. Security sensors are used in a simple manner, you first get a sensor that has its barcode Registered and connected to the Sensor detectors in front of the shop (Where the person walks through when he leaves), next you attach the sensor to a product by adding another protective layer with the sensor on it, this sensor cannot be removed however hard someone tries unless they use strong physical force on it e.g. ...read more.


When you have stored all of the items, you are ready to connect your price gun to a computer or any other ICT systems. A software CD comes with the Price gun which has to be installed on to the system in order for the Price gun to be identified and useful. After it is installed, you open the program and transfer the prices from the gun to the computer through USB or any other resource such as: Bluetooth, Memory card, etc. Then you are ready to print or configure the prices along with other options for example: Change font, size, price and so on. Advantages * Electronic Price Guns make the process of pricing items more quicker * Electronic price guns connect to your computer, allowing you to store prices so it is very easy to go back and correct the mistakes you have made. Disadvantages * The price guns are battery operated so they need to charged regularly * They are also very fragile and they can get problems very easily. For example, if one or two buttons are pressed very often then they could get weak and stick inside (hard to press). ?? ?? ?? ?? BY KHURAM BUTT 10G!!! GCSE APPLIED ICT COURSEWORK 1 ...read more.

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