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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 6688

Use of IT in schools

Extracts from this document...


ICT TASK 3 HOW IS ICT IN USED SCHOOLS AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS TODAY AND BEYOND? INTRODUCTION In this project, I plan to study the uses of ICT and computers in Britain today. I will be focussing my study on four different educational institutions in North London. Three of these come under the umbrella of the Mill Hill School Foundation. These are Grimsdell, the pre-preparatory school, Belmont the junior school, and Mill Hill School, which is the main part of the foundation. I will also study Middlesex University. I feel studying these three different institutions will give me a wide cross-section of the educational system to analyse, as ICT is used in different ways at different levels. What is ICT? - A Brief Outline ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology, and is technology used to handle information and aid communication. ICT systems are often of much benefit to our everyday lives. We cannot go to the bank or supermarket without avoiding an ICT system in one form or another. Companies and organisations often implement ICT systems to help them go about their business, as well as their customer's or client's, more efficiently and increase their productivity. Barcodes are a classic example of an ICT system being implemented to make a business run more efficiently. Instead of having to price each item individually, shops and supermarkets had the price, and product details already printed on the packaging, meaning a lot of time and money was saved. What is ICT in education? Since the development of the first microprocessor in 1972, computers and technology have evolved rapidly. As we have become more dependent on this technology, we have felt it necessary to teach the masses about it. Hence, in the mid seventies, computer systems were gradually introduced to schools and other educational institutions. As systems developed, more and more students took an interest in the subject, as well as the realisation of these educational institutions that computers could aid teaching and learning in more than one way. ...read more.


Rosie identifies that before the Internet was in place, the students used to complain that they could not find a book about the subject they wanted. 'It still happens sometimes, but nowhere near as much as it used to. I think it's because the information they can find is so much vaster in its quantity. Even if they can't find what they want on the Internet, and we don't have any books on it, they can check the University network to see if a book on that subject is in any of our other libraries. And for some students who have British Library reading tickets, they can check their website for the book. However, are the educational benefits of the Internet constricted only to those in higher education? No says Tim DePutron, Head of IT at Belmont school. He has been working at Belmont since 1991, well before the Internet was implemented in the school, and has noticed that it has helped immensely in sustaining children's interest. 'If they have work to do in other subjects that involves using the Internet, say looking up some information for history, they love doing it'. He also believes that there needed to be a change from the traditional blackboard and classroom view of school, and he thinks that the Internet has done it. The Internet also helps the students at Grimsdell pre-prep. Juliette Adler, headmistress of Grimsdell says that even though they only have a few computers in the school, the children do take some benefit from it. 'There are a lot of websites that are very child friendly, and have good educational content', says Mrs Adler. She goes on 'Some of the BBC's websites are wonderful for kids, and actually teach them something'. The benefits of the Internet in education could further increase in the future, with an online digital curriculum, for example, a distinct possibility. ...read more.


This system has not taken off yet, and sceptics would say that it is not of any educational use to the children using it. However, what this system does show is that the technology is in place for interactive education to come through the television. In summary, ICT is being used more and more at home for educational purposes, whether it is through a computer or through a television. The technology exists for children to be learning at home just as much as they do at school, if not more. Conclusions In writing this report, I have found out a lot of things about the use of ICT in education. Through considering my Angles of Approach, I have drawn the following conclusions: * Firstly, ICT is used in education for several reasons. It is in place to improve communications and students performance. It is also there to keep students interested. * We use ICT across the majority of the educational spectrum, whether this is an efficient use or not. We also use it heavily in the administration side of education, through Management Information Systems. * The use of the Internet in schools has revolutionised communications, and is an integral part of most schools ICT systems because of all the educational possibilities, even though there are a few disadvantages to the Internet. * Students' performances are affected by the use of ICT, as many studies have indicated. The performance of all students at all levels is affected, although it is in different areas. * ICT has a very bright future in education, with the possible introduction of an online curriculum, and more and more money being injected into the system. ICT will hopefully be used for more than just teaching, with medical technology being used in schools. * A lot of students learn at home, either through computers, or through digitally enabled television. These services are of an invaluable help to students, although those on digital television could be improved somewhat. Andrew Kaufman 1 ICT Task 3 Uses of ICT in Education ...read more.

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