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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1981

User Documentation for ICT A Coursework 2a

Extracts from this document...


1 USER DOCUMENTATION [7 MARKS] 1.1 Editing Data [2 marks] 1.1.1 Entering and Saving Data [1] This is the first screenshot which shows the list of data forms that could be opened. To open the form you would have to click on the form that you require and open the form that you need. When the form has been double clicked, it will then open and this screenshot shows what should come up. A datasheet should come up showing this information all about the table. To add new records to the form, you just have to go to the bottom of the screen and click on new record button where it can the open up a new record. On the form when you enter a new record, you can save it by just clicking on a button which is shown on the screenshot. The button will save the record and so it is much easier then right clicking on the tile and then saving on the datasheet. This is a more easier and efficient way to save it. 1.1.2 Amending Data [2] When a game is sold or the information about it has been changed then you will need to change the data in order for your system to be updated. To change existing records first of all you need to open a table like the sales one. If there is a lot of records and a lot of data, and you also don't have a lot of time then to search for the data you want to change more quicker is to by clicking on the find button which will allow you to find any record and then change it. ...read more.


The fields selected are forename, surname, name of game, gender and console. When you have clicked on Run to run the query, this is the data that should come up. Query on sales made This is a query that is being run on sales of games. The basic query is to find and search for all games that have been sold with a quantity of 10. The fields are name of game and quantity sold. These are the results of the query after running it. Multi table query on certain games that are sold This is a multi table query on certain games on a certain console. The query is for the user to find sales of certain games on only one type of console so if the user is looking for game sales for one console, this query would be accurate. The fields are name of game, sale ID, price and console. After clicking on run, this is the data that should come up. Query for stock of a certain quantity This is a query to find out games in stock which have a certain number of quantity. The fields include name of game, certain number of quantity and Game ID. After running query, this is the data that should come up. Create new queries /filters for their requirements To create a new query for your own requirement, in the system you need to click on create which will allow you to then select a type of making query- query wizard, query design. ...read more.


You then need to select the file- database or system so that you can use the fields from the table in the letter You then need to select the table(s) you want or need. Then click on Ok When you have done that, by choosing a field- members in this example, you will get fields all over your template. You will then need to preview results to check if the right data comes up and merge the data. Then you can fully merge all the data and make as many mail merge letters to your members by clicking on finish and merge and selecting all records. A list and view of all the finished mail merge letters that are ready to be emailed to members. 1.3 Avoiding Problems [2 marks] 1.3.1 Producing Results [2] When you are setting validation rules or queries and you want certain data to be entered then using <value or >value will allow you to enter in certain data but if you want those certain values to be entered in as well, then you will have to change the requirement to <= or >= to enter in both types of data. When you are making a query - normal or multi table- if you want a certain criteria then you will need to type that in. However if you want two types of certain data then by just typing in one type will only get you results linking to that type of data. You will need to type in something underneath in Or to get another type of result not just one. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE ICT - Coursework Task 2 Name: Ashley Koya ...read more.

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