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How to open the system 1, Open up 'My Documents' from the start menu 2, Double-click on the file named 'THE DATABASE-2': 3, Microsoft Access will open and a password box will appear. You will need to enter the password into the box, which is platt12, and click 'OK.' 4, The tables menu will open. You need to click on 'Forms': 5, This menu will appear. You will then need to click on Main Menu. This screen will then appear: 6, You can click on these buttons to go to any of the three forms. The button at the bottom is to close the main menu. 1, You need to open up the database, type in the password, open the main menu, and click on 'Child Record Form': This screen will then appear: You can enter the child's details into this form. There are more fields than this, and you can access these by scrolling down. 2, To go back to the Main Menu you click the macro that says 'Back to Menu'. This will automatically save. 3, To save but not quit, you need to click the macro that says 'Save'. 4, You will then appear back at the main menu. 1, You need to open up the database, type in the password, and open the main menu. 2, When you get to the main menu, you need to click on 'Weekly Attendance Record'. ...read more.


Child ID. (just the left hand bit) 5, You then need to right click on it, and the box below will appear: You will then need to click on 'Font/Fore Color.' This will bring up a range of colours like below: In this demonstration, I am going to use green. 6, It will then change the colour of the field: 7, I will now change the rest of the fields so that they are all the same colour 8, In order for you to see the form properly, you need to click the Form button on the top left hand corner of the screen: 9, This screen will appear, and the fields will be in green 1, You may want to take the password off the database, if you feel it is an inconvenience. If you have already opened up the database, close it. Then go into access again, click the open sign, and select THE DATABASE-2. There are a number of problems you could encounter whilst using the database. In this section, I tried to cover as many of them as possible. 1, You encounter this message: 1, This may mean that you have accidentally deleted a form, in this case, the Child Record Form. In order to correct this mistake, you need to click 'OK'. The message below will then come up: You will need to click 'Halt'. ...read more.


27, You now need to repeat these steps, to put macro named 'Save' on the form. However, the macro only needs to perform one action, which is 'Save'. After you have done this, you need to go back into Form view, and you will be able to see the form properly, with the two buttons in place. After you have done all this, the form should look as below: 28, Now, when you go back into the Main Menu and click on 'Child Record Form', it will open. 2, You encounter this message: 1, This message has occurred because, in this case, I have tried to go out of the Weekly Attendance Form without writing anything in the primary key, which is Child ID, so it has shown me this message. How to solve this problem is simple: you just need to select a Child from the drop-down menu: Once you have selected a name, you will be able to go out of the form. 1, How do I change one of the fields in one of the forms e.g. the Child Record Form to a different name? Go on to the form, and go into design view, and then click on the field that you want to change, and then change it! 2, Can I change the macros to different sizes? Yes, just go to the form, put it into design view, click on the macros, and drag it smaller or larger. ?? ?? ?? ?? Susanna Platt User Documentation ...read more.

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