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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1771

User Manual"The A Team" Commission and Stock Calculation System

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User Manual "The A Team" Commission and Stock Calculation System Contents: Page: 3 Introduction Page: 3 Hardware and Software Requirements Page 4: How to Install the System Page 5: How to Open the System Page 5: Main Screen and Navigation Page 6: Map of Screens Page 7: How to Enter data for Sales per employee and Print Commission Slip Page 8: How to Enter data for Sales per employee and Print Commission Slip Page 8: How to Create a Stock Re-order Sheet Page 9: How to Create a Stock Re-order Sheet Page 10: How to Change Stock Office Prices for a specific product Page 10: How to Change the Selling Price of a specific Item Page 10: How to Print and Clear the Weekly Overview Table Page 10: How to Save and Exit the System Page 11: Error Messages! Where they occur and what they mean Introduction: This software was created to accelerate calculations of staff wages, stock level calculations and stock re-orders for the "A Team" company. The system consists of a number of different automated figure input screens and printed copies of this information once it has been calculated. This software has been produced to be as quick and easy to use as possible and all measures have been taken to prevent problems occurring within the system, however, should you encounter such a problem whilst using the software this guide is here to help! ...read more.


9. If you clicked yes you should now be on the commission slip screen. 10. If this information is right you can now click the "Print commission slip" button - one copy of the commission slip will now be sent to your printer. 11. When completed this information will be sent to both the daily overview sheet and the weekly sales sheet on the click of the "Enter Info to Sales History" Button. 12. You will now be on the Daily Overview screen and the data you just entered will be on the last row of the database. 13. Click Back to Sales to continue entering employee data. 14. If finished click back to main screen, from here you can visit other screens in the system or exit the system. How to... Create a stock re-order sheet: This can only be done at the end of a week when all the sales data has been entered each day, this is because the information that is entered via the Sales Per Employee sheet determines amount of stock sold and therefore amount of stock needed. 1. From the Main Screen click "Go to Weekly Overview". 2. On this screen you will see some of the data you have entered previously on the right of the screen in grey text. 3. Click the "End of Week Overview" button and the text on the right will be entered into the pink and black striped table sorted by name and date to make it easier to read. ...read more.


4. To print the information click the "Print Sheet" button on the left of the table. One copy will be sent to your printer. 5. To clear the table click the "Clear All" button on the left of your sheet. How to... Save and Exit the System: 1. Click the Main Screen button on any part of the system 2. Click the "Save and Exit System" button on the right of the screen. Error Messages! Where they occur and what they mean: It is very unlikely that any error message you come across is a major concern or threat to your computer, so if you do come across one don't panic. An error message is just the computer's way of saying that a mistake has been made and there will be a way to put this mistake right. Within your system the error messages that are likely to occur are: a. Not Possible! On the Sales Per Employee sheet, when entering a amount of a pack that has been sold it is only possible to have sold up to 10 basic packs and 8 of Deluxe and Car packs - therefore if a figure that is larger then these numbers is entered the system recognises this as a mistake. It is simple to fix this - just check the information you entered and try again. b. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jemma Stones Group - P1 Candidate No: 6640 Page 1 ...read more.

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