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User Manual

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User Guide Contents Introduction 1 Opening the database 1 Adding a new customer 2 Adding a new DVD 3 Adding a new rental 3 Introduction This database has been created for Ickenham Video Shop, and is designed to manage the shop's members', DVDs', and rentals' details so that they can be rented out by customers and returned efficiently. The database can be used to: * Add new members to the company's system * Add a new DVD to the company's stock * Make a new rental and log the details of the booking * Use queries to create reports for the company about members, DVDs, rentals, or a mixture of all three. ...read more.


Click 'open' to continue. The switchboard will then appear which means the database has been opened correctly. Adding a new customer Once the switchboard is on screen, you can now add a new customer to the database by using a simple form. On the main menu page of the switchboard, click on 'Data Entry Menu'. Then click on 'Add New Member'. The 'new 'member' form will then appear with text boxes where you should type in the member's details. You do not need to type anything into the field 'Member ID', this will be done automatically. Type the surname and forename in each box, using only letters. ...read more.


When typing in the certification, is must either be a 'U', 'PG', '12A', '12', '15', or '18' or 'Other'. An error box will appear if an incorrect certification has been inputted. When typing in the 'Star' field, it must be a rating of 1-5. 0 or 6 will count as incorrect and an error box will appear. Adding a New Rental To add a new rental, go to the main menu on the switchboard, then click 'Data Entry Menu', then click 'Add New Rental'. The new rental form will appear on screen. The dates must be in the form of 00 (day) / 00 (month) / 0000 (year). You must type in the member ID and DVD ID to make a rental. You do not need to type in the rental ID. ...read more.

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