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Uses of ICT in the community.

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ICT is used for a wide range of purposes in the community for personal, social and work related tasks. These help us complete the task to an exceptional level that would otherwise not have been possible. Below are a range of uses for which I use ICT The five needs of the community are * Security * Communication * Finance * Information * Road safety ICT is used primarily for security in Headington. This includes surveillance cameras such as CCTV and speed detectors. This keeps the crime levels down and helps make the whole community safer for residents and attract tourists. It is also used for communication and information in the community, through internet. ...read more.


is a device Coding to compress audio files so that they become around one-tenth of the original file size, but without ruining the original sound quality above a perceptual level. It does this by reducing the accuracy of certain parts of the file which are above or below the hearing range of humans so that the file's size reduced but the original sound quality is retained. This reduction makes it easier to download or play files in MP3 format. MP3 files are downloaded from the computer or internet and have to be in a certain format. I use MP3 players to download and listen to songs and other audio files such as podcasts (media files available on the internet) ...read more.


Gatso speed cameras help the community by catering for its road safety needs. As the area is not very busy and does not have many cars and also has a lot of two way roads, there have been many accidents involving speeding drivers as they relax and go fast when they see the road relatively empty. Many drivers do not anticipate cars coming from the opposite direction and this has resulted in many car accidents. Speed cameras help keep roads safe for drivers driving through the area and help to enforce the speed limit, making the community safer for its residents. Users must have either a modem, ISDN (integrated services digital network), broadband, ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) or cable broadband to connect to the internet and use its services. ...read more.

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