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Using Hardware

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Using Hardware I used very basic hardware in my system for the inputs, processors and outputs. I am going to explain the hardware, its advantages and disadvantages of using them and also the alternative hardware devices that I could have used. Backing Store: This consists of the disk drives used to store data when the power is switched off. They also include floppy disks, memory sticks etc. Output Device: These include printers etc. They are used to provide output data in the form of printouts, screen displays, leaflets etc. Input Device: These are used to get the data into the computer. They include scanners, microphones, keyboards etc. CPU (central processing unit): The CPU is the brain of the computer which performs all of the processes that take place in the computer system. Input Devices Devices used and advantages I have decided to use simple but necessary devices to buy and use for my company. This is due to the fact that my company's main task is to store information, book holidays and to write to our customers, therefore we do not need any expensive or over the top devices as we simply do not need it and it only be a waste money. ...read more.


Core(tm)2 Extreme Processor. The RAM is 1024 Mega Bytes and the ROM is 80 Giga Bytes. The CPU's speed is 2.00 Giga Hertz. The ROM is "Read Only Memory", this is the permanent memory where all the data entered is stored. 80 Giga Bytes is more than enough ROM needed to store the company's data on. The RAM "Random Access Memory" is the working memory; it is what the computer uses when it is on. As soon as it is switched off it loses this memory, in order to keep your work one needs to save it to the ROM. Alternatives and disadvantages You could use laptops instead of a control tower, the advantage of this is that is portable and can be moved around the workplace. The only disadvantage is that when our system eventually gets a lot bigger, more memory will be needed (more ROM) and it may slow down so more speed will be needed e.g. 3.00 Giga Hertz. Backing Store Devices My entire staff will be privileged with a, 'log in, log out' system which will allow them to save all their files on the internal hard-drive in the computer system that will be situated on each employees desk along with all the output hardware. ...read more.


Output Devices Devices The output devices I used include the monitor, the speakers and the printer. In the process of making a letter for my customers, the monitor would show me the final letter as a preview of the finished thing. Then, the printer will make the letter by copying the data to a piece of paper. Speakers may be used in my system as part of a head set. Alternatives Different output devices I could have used include different types of monitors, i.e. touch screen monitors. This is both an input and output device and saves space because a keyboard and mouse aren't needed. I could have used a different type of printer, for example an inkjet instead of a laser, they have different properties. Disadvantages The disadvantages of the output devices I used in my company are that the monitor I used took up a lot of room because it was single purpose; it meant that a keyboard and mouse were also needed. If I wanted to print out something in colour than the printer I chose wasn't the best because it was black and white and not high quality. ...read more.

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