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Using ICT in Game (Electronic Boutique)

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Using ICT in Game "Game" Game was originally named as electronic boutique. It sells all variety of games and is very famous for selling games. It is located in the U.K and few other countries. It sells all types of games such as: Games for: - Pc - X-box - PS - Game boy's - PS2 - Game cube It also buys used games from their customers and then sells them and as also has started selling DVDs and PC hardware such as: - Keyboards - Mouse - Graphics card - Sound card - RAM The particular Game store I am talking on is located in the Ilford Exchange (ground floor). Uses of IT in Game Game uses IT for many purposes such as: - What games are coming soon - Customers reward card - Stocks - Price/special deals - Posting letters and information on the new games Why IT is used in Game As Game is a famous all over Britain and some other countries for selling it's games. ...read more.


set up a scanning system on the computer, which can scan the price of the game and also give a receipt once a customer purchases any items. Another solution can be to have a bar code scanner for the game card as it will give all the details of the customers and also give the points they have earned by purchasing the games. To input all the information about the customer Mr Smith should use Microsoft Access that can help his staff to work faster and peacefully User Requirements Mr Smith has given me a sample of their customer details and also expectations how the new system should be. 1) Customer names should be written in an alphabetical order 2) It must take less than 10 seconds to make a change to enter a price of an item 3) The system should be secured and protected from hackers 4) The system should be able to print out documents 5) There should be an back-up copy made every time a document a saved Part 2 - Analyse Appropriate software and hardware There are two kinds of software available for the business one of them is Microsoft access and the other one is Microsoft word. ...read more.


Data flow Once there is a new customer, Mr Smith will enter the details of the customer and the details will be sorted by the surname of each customer and will be stored in a customer table in the database. When there a new product arrived at the store Mr Smith will enter the details of the product, Give an ID number and the date that it was arrived. When a new staff is employed at Game then Mr Smith will enter staff details such as: staff ID, Staff address and type of work and store it in a staff table 9oiui8iu Mr smith will enter the type of salary each staff gets such as: the hours they work (per week) and how much they get paid per hour and keep it stored in a salary table in the database Having entered the product details and customer details, Mr smith will enter the product amount for each customer as they purchase an item. The price is calculated once a customer purchases a product. Mr Smith will now enter the wages he pays to his employees and also calculate the tax paid Ritul Patel Ritul - 1 - ...read more.

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