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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2090

Using ICT to help a man to sell his business.

Extracts from this document...


PART 1: IDENTIFY Statement of the Problem My user is my uncle who thinks he is too old to run his business. Mr. Devakumar (the owner/user) needs money urgently and his only son lives in a foreign country therefore he has decided to sell it to someone as soon as possible. The petrol station is located in South Harrow, bessborough road near 'Alexander Park' and 'Netto's'. The purpose of this document is to sell his petrol station he owns. He has handed over the job of selling his business to me. This will help him to sell his business. To do this job I need to get some information such as how much profit he makes a year, or what price he wants to sell it for etc. Interview What is your business? I own a petrol station. How much do you earn a year? I earn between 20 and 30 thousand pounds a year Do you have any problems? I don't think I can run this business, I am too old now. What type of a leaflet would you like? I would prefer an A4 with one fold. What colours would you like? ...read more.


I will use Comic Sans MC for my font to write the text and graphical font like word art for eye catching titles. I will edit my images using Photoshop, paint and Microsoft publisher. I might crop or resize my graphics to fit them in a suitable place. Data flow Outputs Card paper is strong but much more expensive. You can get it in different sizes as well. Plain A4 is cheaper compared to colour and card. It is the ideal size to make leaflets and can be folded in to preferred forms. A4 coloured paper more expensive than A4 but no ink has to be wasted on it for the background colour. But you cannot print certain colours on certain colours on certain coloured paper as it cannot be seen. Laser printer- This printer is much quieter, faster and its cost per page is much cheaper, the printouts have also better quality. They are much more expensive, bigger and the toners cost more compared to ink jet cartridges. Ink-Jet Printer- This printer is cheap to buy, the ink cartridges are cheaper and the printer is more space saving than the laser printer. Its printouts have a higher quality and are faster than dot-matrix printer but not as good as laser printers. ...read more.


* Text should be written in 'Ariel'. - Done by changing font to Ariel and typing using that font. * Text should be big enough to be seen easily. - Done, I used text font size 16pt. * A4 paper with one fold. - Done, A4 paper was used with one fold. User comments Overall I am pleased the way you have presented this leaflet. I still have some concerns about little things; you could have put a heading for each page of information, you only had few views from outside showing the petrol station. You could have taken images from different angles. Add more facts and statistics. You should have headings linking every page of information. But other than that I am very happy and glad that I handed over this job to you. I also like how you used the colours and different graphics. They way you presented the images was also good, tilting it and so on. Improvements * Have headings linking every page of information. * Add more pictures showing different views of the petrol station. * Add more facts and statistics in text. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE ICT Rooks Heath College DTP Shangkeeth Srikumar 10 Green I10SS5 Candidate number: 6179 Shangkeeth Srikumar Candidate number: 6179 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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