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Using Information Technology to Develop a Restocking System for a Grocery Store.

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Using Information Technology to Develop a Restocking System for a Grocery Store. Background Over the years of retail, only one thing has become a main objective and that is to make the customer happy, ways of doing this is to have a fast service and make sure what the customer is looking for is available in the shop. My project will be to make restocking shelves in a grocery shop more efficient, and money saving process. This is chosen mainly because of the simplicity of the problem and many outcomes that can be achieved. A database is to be made because this project is about recording changes of the stock in a shop of which there is plenty of. Analysis of Current System The way that my client restocks shelves is to walk around the shop and look at all the shelves, and note down items which are low in numbers or which have totally run out. ...read more.


A. I want it to save me time and money. There are times when a certain item totally finishes, and because there are so many items in the shop I forget what was there on the shelf, I want the database to overcome that problem for me. Q. Are you computer literate? A. Only a little I do not know how to use programming packages or graphical packages, I do know how to work mainly all word processing packages I should have no major problems with Access. Q. Do you think there should be any restricted areas on the database? A. Possibly I may want to hold some customer's addresses, as they want deliveries, I may hold those addresses on the database, if I decide to, then yes I will need a password system to protect their personal information. Q. Therefore do you know about the data protection act? A. Yes, I will need to look into it more as I will need to abide by it. ...read more.


It works by the owner walking around the shop and looking at the shelves, the problem here is that there maybe some items in the wrong place. The database will overcome this by knowing how many items there were when it was bought from the cash and carry. When items that there are a lack of are come across they are noted in a book then the owner goes to the cash and carry. The database will eliminate this by providing a print out of items that have finished or will be finishing soon, this totally eliminates walking around the shop. An addition to the project will possibly to make the cash and carry receive an email from the database and so all the products are waiting to be paid for and taken away. The database should have simple theme to it, such as fill in the field about a certain topic, like name, price and quantity when bought. The target audience will be a slightly computer literate user but in case for a new user the database should be simple. ...read more.

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