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Using Software - Correct Software chosen for tasks

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Using Software Correct Software chosen for tasks The tasks I had to do were to create a presentation to the managers of Future Fashions, create a Web Page and an Application Form. I then had to complete reports stating what I had done. To create my presentation I used Microsoft PowerPoint. This application enabled me to create a slide show containing information about the different ways of advertising the ICT Administrator post in the company. To create my Web Page and my Application Form I used Microsoft FrontPage, as this is a Web Page management Application that specialises in creating Web Pages. To produce my reports I used Microsoft Word as this is a Word Processing Application and I am familiar with it and all its functions. ...read more.


FrontPage also let's the users preview what the document would look like on the Internet and also lets you preview it in HTML code. I also wanted all my different fields and text boxes to be validated so the user couldn't enter invalid information when filling it in. the only application which offers this is FrontPage. When creating my presentation I wanted to display it using separate slides. PowerPoint has different slide layouts and puts them all together to create a slide show, which is why I chose this application to work with. Benefits and Drawbacks of my chosen software I chose to use FrontPage because it has previews, it has access to all web elements including scrolling text boxes, radio buttons, tick boxes etc. allows HTML to be used and changed and also has various web site wizards available. ...read more.


I used Microsoft PowerPoint because it has different slide layouts to use for example title slide, bulleted list or clip art, which gives variety. It also has language-correcting tools as in Word. The disadvantages of PowerPoint are that it can be confusing to use when it comes to customising the animation. Alternative Software Solutions Compared and Contrasted I think Microsoft Word is the best application for the different fonts and language settings, however it is not the best for inputting graphics and animation. I think the best application for this is FrontPage as it has the scrolling Marquee and also lets the user copy and paste graphics from programs. For timing the graphics I think that PowerPoint is the best as it has special tools for setting the time between slides. Overall I think I have chosen the most suitable Software for the tasks I had to complete. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Bamford ...read more.

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