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Using Software

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Using Software The software I used for creating the Input, Process, and Output, was Microsoft Excel and Fireworks. For creating the Input, I used Customer Details, for the Process, I used the Holiday Estimate, and finally for the Output I used the Invoice. Here is a diagram to explain what I mean: So, Input, Process, Output all stand for Customer Details, Holiday Estimate, and Invoice, which is all in my system. Microsoft Excel was one of the main software that I used because my whole Travel Agent Booking System was based and created on it. It helped link pages together, and cells, this helped me because whatever my customer writes down, it will all be calculated and printed out into the final price spreadsheet. ...read more.


The chosen software, Fireworks, is designed for computer artwork. Therefore, creating a logo with Fireworks was a smart and suitable idea. I think it was a perfect choice because I found it also quite easy to use once practiced. Its purpose is to help improve people's art skills and work. It also has many unique tools, definitely different from Microsoft Paint. I think the software is good at helping guide the user to what they want to make or what they have in mind, because it has a variety of different tools and patterns. I think it is not so good at loading the patterns mentioned, because it loads very slowly and sometimes it is hard to use and change. ...read more.


Microsoft Paint is for beginners in my opinion, and to be able to make a suitable and more effective logo, I think the better option to use is Fireworks. A good thing about Microsoft Paint is that it is suitable for anything and anyone, a good choice to start with when beginning artwork. A disadvantage with Microsoft Paint, is that you cannot 'Undo' as much as you want, only go back three times. Even though Microsoft Paint is for beginners and less reliable, it is still a good alternative because it is simple and easy to get (should be within every computer). I am justified in using the software I use, because I think it is the most suitable choice. I think it is far better than the alternative (Microsoft Paint) ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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