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Using Technology - GPS in vehicles.

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´╗┐Ines Chan 12ASD ICT MC Technology on multi-vehicles The technology on multi-vehicles has changed a lot since the 90?s. Although this leads to human a huge help for transportation, there are still pros and cons on this stage. Just like how GPS satellites work. On the one hand, there are quite a lot of pros. Let say the taxis and some cars, they all have GPS/GPRS machines on their vehicles. GPS is a mini electrical version of the ordinary maps. It could be called as GPS satellites when we use it for location locator on our phones as well. Back to the main point, GPS has already replaced the ordinary paper maps people have used before. ...read more.


This is how data is conveyed. Sound is to draw our attention to the map by means of a sound. Image is a visual representation of the route. Video is to convey a moving image, for example, showing us should we turn left or right when we head to a diverge road. This is always useful when people who have not been driving for too long. Then, text is a method of conveying meaning using characters and instructions can be given. However, it is just an electrical machine, there is always a chance that machines break down all of the sudden, and people need to prepare well to prevent the problems. ...read more.


Then, video is the data that id transferred from the GPS satellite, which means it is made of numbers of pictures, a vital piece of data may be missed between frames. After that, sound is important to drivers as well, for example, if you were on your phone, then you turned the sound/volume off for a moment, then you forgot to turn it back on afterwards. This would be quite a silly thing to do, by the time you realise you may already drive to a wrong place. In conclusion, GPS would be a good example on technology on multi-vehicles nowadays. It is helping human a lot. Nevertheless, machines will upset sometimes. We should keep our electrical things or GPS up-to-date regularly, noticing the errors of the machine is having so as to prevent machines breaking down. Page of ...read more.

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