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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1732

Using the Internet

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USING THE INTERNET ASSIGNMENT B1 INTRODUCTION:- * The topic I would be covering is Cloning of humans. What I want to find out:- 1. What is the process of cloning? 2. Disadvantages of cloning? 3. Types of cloning? 4. Materials needed for cloning? Search engines which I will use:- * www.ixquick.com Ixquick search results are more comprehensive and more accurate. Ixquick's unique capabilities include a Universal Power Search, a global search and power refinement. As you search, it has stars which give a rating to the best page, related to your search. Also it includes power search method such as Boolean logic, phrases, wildcards, and field searches. This can help to make your search more specific and you will get more relevant information to what you want. It is known as the world's most powerful metasearch engine and can cover more of the internet rather than any other search engine. Unlike other search engines, Ixquick does not require the user, to access the power methods in a different way because Ixquick knows how each power search methods, each search engine supports, and how to access them. * www.google.com Google is a well known search engine which provides the information you want in just a few seconds also it uses advance search which gives ...read more.


www.ixquick.com "Human cloning"- Results hit: - 10,999,962 Generally information was about Ethics not withstanding the fact that there was some information related to Cloning and the top quality website was www.humancloning.org - (used for text). "Human cloning" -ethics" - Results hit: - 1,469,328 Mainly information on bans of cloning, which is associated with law, furthermore, keywords which keeps prompting is legislation. The suitable website obtained from this search is http://www.arhp.org/patienteducation/onlinebrochures/cloning/index.cfm?ID=282 - (used for pictures). "Human cloning"- (used Power Search) - Results Hit: - 915 All information related to human cloning, no complications in understanding the text. Best websites which I found useful was www.religioustolerance.org/cloning.htm - (used text to refine definition). 3. www.msnsearch.com- (changed to http://www.live.com/ ) "Human Cloning"- Result Hit: - 251,392 Generally lots of information on cloning however, words like ethics and Issues keep occurring. Although information related to cloning: - Website used- www.genome.gov/10004765 - (used for Text) "Human Cloning" -ethics -issues"- Results hit: - 100,434 Throughout the five pages no information found on ethics or any issues however some information related to law (legislation). Otherwise all good information retrieved this time. Keyword prompting: - e-, law. Website used: - www.biofact.com/cloning/human.html - (used for names of materials used in laboratory) ...read more.


There are three types of cloning Embryonic, Reproductive and Therapeutic cloning. There many Ethical concerns rising against this scientific theory and still it is not agreed to put this theory into practical. * Process of Cloning:- The process of cloning depends on the type of cloning, which is being used also there are three types of cloning so there are only three processes. "However, so far the main idea is based on the theory of Dolly the sheep which was the first mammal to be cloned". The procedure was carried out by removing the DNA from the egg and replacing it by taking DNA from an adult animal making a genetic twin. This fertilised egg is now called pre-embryo and is placed in the womb so its starts developing into a new animal. "Dolly was the first sheep cloned so on the basis of this process scientists are trying to clone a human." * Disadvantages of Cloning:- There disadvantages of human cloning such it could cause religious concerns and Issues against god also, the cloned human would have a shorter life Expectancy, the treatment is really expensive, it would differentiate clones from human and finally, there are very few chances of the embryo surviving. * Types of Cloning:- Materials Needed For Cloning: - Conclusion:- ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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