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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 931

Using the Internet to search for information on the volcano in Monserrat.

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Section 1 - Introduction I am going to study about the volcano in Montserrat. I have picked this topic from Geography. I have picked Geography because it is one of my strong subjects. Section 2 - Choice of search engine I am going to pick three different search engines and test them and they are: * Google * Yahoo * AltaVista For each of the search engine I will use the word 'volcanoes' to test them on how many hits you get for each. I will use these search engines because they are the popular search engines used by many people across the world. After testing those three search engines, I am going to use Google because it is the most popular and I tend to regularly use it. I wouldn't use those with more hits because I tend to always use Google at home or anywhere else I get access to a computer or laptop. I wouldn't trust the other search engines because I am so used to Google. ...read more.


The use of colour stands out, and links to other websites are useful too. Holidays are on the website for explorers to actually visit the volcano. The website tells you what is on the island, e.g. Hospitals. The website has a good application, you pick a letter and then the website will bring you to all the stuff to do with the island beginning with that letter, e.g. A - Accommodation, H - History. I would recommend the website who is interested in geography. Although, there is a lot of advertisements. Site 2 = http://www.nides.bc.ca/assignments/scavenge/Montserrat.htm This website is good for information on eruptions and the island around the volcano because it is regularly updated and gives you a date and what event occurred on that date. (e.g. 6th June 1999 - The fifth eruption took place at 14:42.) It contains no links or stupid advertisements on the website which makes it a lot easier. If you look at the bottom of the website, it tells you where the information is from. The web tells you when it was last updated. ...read more.


The seismic network network recorded a total of 115 rockfall signals, 40 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, 71 hybrid and 13 long period earthquakes. This information was summarized from the Smithsonian Institution's Preliminary Notices of Volcanic Activity. November 5, 1999 On 26 and 27 October, the Soufriere Hills Volcano produced ash venting episodes, small explosions or dome collapse events. New pyroclastic flow deposits were observed in the Tar River Valley. The 26 October event created an ash cloud that rose ~15,000 feet. This information was summarized from the Smithsonian Institution's Preliminary Notices of Volcanic Activity. October 27, 1999 On 26 October, an ash cloud erupted from the Soufriere Hills Volcano. This information was summarized from the Smithsonian Institution's Preliminary Notices of Volcanic Activity. August 23, 1999 Week of August 13-20, 1999: Activity at volcano remained low. On August 20th, two minor volcano tectonic swarms were recorded under the volcanic edifice. 50 rockfalls and 84 volcano-tectonic earthquakes were recorded. Unstable masses sit above Gages, Tuitt's and Galway's. Small rockfalls are being produced in these areas.This information was summarized from the Smithsonian Institution's Preliminary Notice of Volcanic Activity. ?? ?? ?? ?? B1 - Using the Internet Connell Cunningham 11D 1 ...read more.

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