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Vaccination letter design

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Vaccination letter For the header of the vaccination letter I will use the headed template that I was given to perform this task. For the actual vaccination letter I will use the file that I also received as I have to use the set document. I am using the products that I have been provided with as I am mail merging an existing product and not making a letter from scratch. For the size of the font of the vaccination letter I will use size 14 as it is the default size of the letter and it is at a good size so that it can be read easily. For the font of the letter I will use the standard Times New Roman as that font is the font which is the easiest to read. Also for the font colour of the letter I will use black as it will look more like an official document as all documents are mostly in black. The fields that I will insert into the vaccination letter are: the title, the surname, the address 1, the town, the post code, the name of the pet, and the last time the pet had a vaccination (month) ...read more.


I will also need to make it as a query in order to complete the testing section of the problem. Also when I am running the query, in order to be able to search for the cats and dogs needing vaccinations in November 2003 as required in the testing, I will have to use a parameter query twice, one time for the cats, and the other time for the dogs as it will not work if I put them both in one query. I will also need to put a parameter query on the last vaccination month and the last vaccination year as I will need to tell the computer to search for November 2002. This meets the needs of the user as it will allow the vaccination letter to work so that the animal owners will be able to receive their booster vaccination letter reminders. Testing Plan On the mail merging vaccination letter, Rachel will be sending out individual letters to owners about their pet's vaccination details. For my testing, I will need to make sure that all of the required fields are in the right places and that none of the fields are missing. ...read more.


With Microsoft Word you can easily change any type of font or size or any writing to look like it is in BOLD, italics, or underlined. To also complete my vaccination letter, I will need to be able to import data from some sort of database file. For the database file I have chosen to use Microsoft Access to handle the files as it can do everything that I will need to do to the database files. To make the vaccination letter I will need to use a database file, and import the files. With access you can open any sort of data file including the pet and customer text file and turn them into tables. With my database files, I will need to make a relationship with them to be able to link them in the query. With Microsoft access you can make relationships with any tables to link them when running a query. To complete the testing part of the problem and to run the mail merge with the needed fields, I will need to merge two tables into one and form a query. With Microsoft Access you can create a table as a query and use as many previous tables as you want. ...read more.

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