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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3019

Varndean e-Learning LTD.

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Varndean Case ICT Varndean e-Learning LTD. After hearing the talk with John Burton a Director from the Varndean e-learning company. I have learnt that Varndean if a fairly small company compared to other large manufactures. John's Role in Varndean e-Learning is a shared one. As the company is a relatively small one they all share roles. But John writes interactive Learning materials (such as the one we are working from) He also has a small role with finances, but his main role is working with selling the product. John will try to sell his programs in many ways. They include Websites, where the customers can view screenshots of the product and order a CD for more information, or they can actually buy the product its self. Varndean also run large marketing campaigns, they have a huge database of all the schools in the country. They use this to help distribute letters to or leaflets or any other way of selling their products. Also they invite them to a seminar where thy can show them the products in far more detail. To accomplish all this the company would have to use different software and hardware. Without the use of some software there is no way they could produce enough letters to distribute letters between thousands of schools. Also with out such web authoring tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver no way could they make their websites. Also Microsoft exel and access keeping databases of all the schools addresses. With out software and hardware there is no way the sales department at Varndean could hold its ground well. Also Varndean and nearly all company little or large use email. John says, "they receive 10-15 emails a day asking for more detail or information about their programs." ...read more.


The list of problems that could occur is very long. (This Information was supplied by Varndean) on their website www.varndean.net) Main Operations, Sales, Finance PCs x 2 Pentium 4 3.06 GHz Processor 1 Gb Ram 80 Gb Hard Disk Video Card, Sound Card Network Card Operating System Windows XP Professional Peripherals 17" Flat Screen Monitor Tablet PCs x 3 Pentium 3 1.3 Ghz Processor 256Mb Ram 80 Gb Hard Disk Wireless Network Card Operating System Windows XP Professional Network Server 1 Duel Xeon 2.8Ghz Processors 1Gb RAM RAID 5 Disk Array 3 x 36Gb SCSI Disks Network Card Operating System Windows 2003 Server Server 2 Duel Xeon 2.6Mhz Processors 1Gb RAM RAID 5 Disk Array 3 x 36Gb SCSI Disks Operating System Windows 2003 Server Other Equipment Digital Video Camera (Via Firewire Card) Digital Stills Camera (Via USB 2.0 Card) CD Copier (Copies 50 CDs - connected to network) Hardware Firewall (For Internet connection) Router (For Internet Connection) Software Used In Company: Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia Author ware Microsoft Active Server Pages SAGE Instant accounts SAGE payroll Microsoft Word Microsoft Access Without These VITAL pieces of Software Varndean wouldn't be as big and as efficient as it is now. The Software In the interview with John he mentions many different types of Software that his companies uses. These are: * Microsoft Word, a word processing unit. This is used a lot in companies it is used to write letters etc. (This work was written on Microsoft Word) * Macromedia Dreamweaver a web Authoring tool. Allows you to create and website. * Microsoft Access, this contains the name and addresses of all the schools. * Adobe Photo Shop, They use this software to create flyers or leaflets to hand out at seminars or at open days etc. ...read more.


Keyboard Input Peripheral Logitech Cordless Usb or PS2 Connectivity A basic simple keyboard that does not have any unneeded Function buttons EG. Volume Control. Printer HL 5130 Output Peripheral Quick and easy to install, the HL-5130 printer has state-of-the-art interactive animations to help you get the most from this machine. And that 'most' includes an impressive 8MB of memory, up to 17ppm print speed and a 250 sheet paper capacity An appropriate printer for a school office, has many features including Duplex, where the computer prints of both sides of the paper. Base Unit Processor Intel Celeron 2.7 GHz Processor 512 Mb RAM 80Gb Hard drive 64Mb Geforce FX5200 graphics 512MB DDR Ram will give fast loading time and with a 2.7GHz processor the pc will be at a very comfortable speed for office work. And the 80Gb of hard drive allows the office to save lots of large files. Workers and Their Jobs in the Office Mrs Glover: Accountant, Finance officer Mrs Trudgill: Secretary, heads Pa. Mrs Payne (Until 11:30) Attendance, Absence ring round Mrs Rowland: Assisting curriculum team leaders and senior staff Mrs Shuman Attendance, school dinner money, school finance, general finance Mrs Hamen: Telephone, reception Summary In short Cliff park high school uses a very easy to use school system. They use some software that people use at home and they use some software which is specific for the jobs they need doing for example, Phoenix, this keeps track of all the children's attendances. The hardware the school use is very simple, they have not got hardware that is not needed for example 1024 DDR Ram or a 168meg graphics card. As these types of hardware are unpractical for their jobs. The Input hardware such as mice and keyboard are all simple to use and can provide a good enough service. - 1 - ...read more.

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