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Varndean e-Learning

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Company: Varndean e-Learning Introduction to the Company, (Overview) Varndean e-Learning is a small educational software company based in a school. The people who run the company were all at one stage teachers at Varndean School. Their company was formed in 2001, when the directors wrote some software to help their students with GNVQ ICT. They Still work from a small office within the school, where they develop software and take orders over the phone. All of their software is thoroughly tested on students from Varndean School before it is marketed as they believe it must be appealing and value the views of the students. They run Sales Seminars in London and Birmingham three times a year where they demonstrate the software to large groups of people on a large screen. They also run Training Sessions three times a year in London and Birmingham where teachers from many schools who use the software go to learn how to use it. Varndean e-Learning may only be a small company now, but they have many plans for the future, which include spreading out into other areas of the School Curriculum and developing software for them to aid the student's learning. Sales John Burton, one of the directors of Varndean e-Learning has many roles within the small company. ...read more.


Details retained by the company regarding sales are the customer's address, the name of the person who ordered it and what the product(s) ordered were. Once an invoice is issued to the customer, they then have thirty days to pay. The company keeps track of most of the money that has to come out of the company bank account, (e.g. expenses for hiring rooms for seminars, new computer components and office consumables like paper), by entering all the details into their Accounts Package, (Sage Instant Account) and money automatically comes out of the account. A statement can also be printed out. The accounts package is very useful as it saves the employees a lot of time which would have been used bookkeeping, and reduces the chance of an error in the figures. The company's accountants also use the same accounts package, Sage Instant Account. Because of this Varndean e-Learning can send their VAT statements and money to Customs and Exiles automatically through the system. When customers purchase products, they can pay by sending a cheque through the post or by using the BACK system, which pays directly into the Varndean e-learning bank account. Varndean e-learning work out their payroll once a month to pay all of their employees. ...read more.


The Website Applications Varndean e-Learning use are Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Microsoft Active Server. Microsoft Active Server uses ODBC technology, which in this case links to their database and customises the WebPages depending on who the user is, (for example it inserts the user's name onto the WebPages and changes the difficulty level of the e-Learning packages). In the Operations department, the main use of communication through ICT is the ability to retrieve information. Information they may want to find could be information about the software they use, programming languages or they may want to compare prices on the products the purchase and find the best price. When they are working with a new piece of software, it may be necessary to find more information on it, and this is made possible by the use of the internet. They may find the information on a website, in a discussion forum or they may have to send an email to request the information. Another use of communication in this department is between employees, (internal communications). This can help to prevent the software developers overwriting each other's work, if they both know what has been done to the package before hand. This could also speed up the development stages in that they won't both be working on the same part of the software package. Case Study Write-ups 1/2 Page 4 of 4 Jason Younie 10R GCSE Applied ICT Ms Martin Room 37 ...read more.

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