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Video Games and Children, is it bad

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Video Games and Children, is it bad? How many of you have a younger or older sibling, or even a really good friend, who just loves gaming and always wants to play on their consol? Ok, now think about what their personality is like, now do you really think that they would be this way if they were not introduced to gaming? My name is Jordan and I will be talking to you about video games and children, is it bad? Video games were first brought into the world in the 1970s. By the end of that decade they had become a preferred childhood leisure activity, and adults responded with concern about the possible ill effects of the games on children. Early research on these effects was uncertain, however, looking back into video game sales that began in the late 1980s after the release of the Nintendo game system has brought back interest in the effects of video games. Some research suggests that playing video games may affect some children's physical performance. Some of these effects can start from causing epileptic seizures to causing the heart rate and also the blood pressure to change. Serious adverse physical effects, however, are short or limited to a small number of players. ...read more.


This next category is fighting; this usually has wrestling games or a martial arts fight. The fourth category is flight these games are only you as a pilot in a battle attacking other planes or a ground force. The next type is platform, these category let you play the films you see in the cinema. This next category is a little unusual, its puzzle, this mainly has games that have a series of questions and you have to be the first to select the correct answer. The eighth category is called role playing, what this is, is that you're a specific person in the game, thorough the entire game. The next game category is called sport; this will consist of almost any sport that you can think of. The last category that there is called strategy, this is a type of game where you have to really think about what you are going to do in the game to survive, these games are mostly shooting. There are also different symbols to indicate what is on a game these symbols are called violence, bad language, fear, sex, drugs, discrimination and gamboling. The Nintendo Company, in rating its games, follows standards modeled on the system used by the Motion Picture Association of America. ...read more.


Another problem seen by critics of video games is that the games stress a rebellious action rather than cooperation. A common game scenario is that of an anonymous character performing an aggressive act against an anonymous enemy. The world of video games has little sense of community and few team players. Also, most video games do not allow play by more than one player at a time. The social content of video games may influence children's attitudes toward gender roles. In the Nintendo games, women are usually cast as persons who are acted upon rather than as demands of action. Television program producers and video game manufacturers may produce violent shows and games for this audience. This demand for violence may not arise because of a natural male desire to witness violence, but because males are looking for strong role models, which they find in these shows and games. In my conclusion however I believe that gaming is not a bad thing, but when you let a young child that still has to grow up, and learn responsibility play a game that has a lot of violence this may be the cause of some peoples bad attitude to the world, and I believe this is also the reason that age restrictions were put on games. Thank you for listening and I will answer any questions you have. ...read more.

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