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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3922

Video Rental Shop I.T. System

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VIDEO RENTAL SHOP INTRODUCTION: There are many small businesses, some of which are estate agents, sports clubs, video rental shops, and mechanics. Many of these businesses don't have a computer system to help them handle and communicate data. They do everything on paper and use filing cabinets as a means of storage. My local estate agent uses the traditional method of paper and filing cabinets, as well as my local video rental shop and mechanics. But my local sports club does use a computer database system to store membership details etc. So I have decided that they will not be requiring my services as they already have a system. Now I was left with three businesses with no use of a computer system to offer my help to. I offered my help to the mechanics as they had a lot of new customers coming in everyday and they had other challenges as well. They rejected my offer as they said that they would be getting a very advanced computer system soon. After I did some research on both estate agents and video rental shops. I decided to choose the video rental shop. I made this choice as I saw the vast amount of new data they were receiving each day whereas the estate agents were only receiving little quantities on data every two to three days. Also the video shop needed my help more as they were under a lot of stress and pressure. I went to my local video shop 'Quick Rentals' and discovered that they keep a lot of records in filing cabinets. I tried to find members details and the video(s) that they had rented and it was impossible. It took me 45 minutes to make a match of a member and what video(s) they had. I realised how hard it's is to monitor members details. Obviously it wouldn't take the shop assistants that long, but it still does consume a lot of their time. ...read more.


Running many tasks at the same requires the processing power to split up and powering each task. Balances between tasks have to take place and this requires a lot of time. They also handle input and output and make sure that each of these things does what they are meant to. HARDWARE: There are many hardware devices available, but the following will be essential for Quick Rentals. They would certainly need a PC with a processing speed of around 1.5-1.7 GHz. So the PC starts, closes etc at high speeds. Alternately they could go for a processing speed of around 1GHz, this would be a lot slower and is around a year old. This would be cheaper by about �200-300, but my client wants to keep up with the new technology. This is good as some software might not be able to run on 1GHz PC's in the coming years. Quick rentals would also require a lot of RAM for storing customer details, video and DVD details etc. So around 40-60GB should be required. They would also need lots of random access memory (RAM). This is needed so many programs can be run at once with smooth ease and speed. I would recommend 256MB of RAM, but my client is insisting to keeping with the latest developments. So I think 512MB of RAM is will be purchased, this amount of RAM will make many programs run simultaneously very smoothly and rapidly. Below is an example of how 64MB of RAM may be used by the computer. 64 48 32 16 0 As we can see from the memory map even if Barry decided to buy a PC with 64MB of RAM, he would have 8MB of free RAM when running 3 programs. But Barry wants a PC with 512MB of RAM so it is obvious that programs etc will run amazingly well. Quick rentals would need a QWERTY keyboard to input information on members etc. ...read more.


Careful placing of mainframe computers in large organisations to minimise danger from flooding, with smoke alarms and fire- quenching systems installed. Normally they are sited in anonymous buildings because of the treat of extremist attacks. And also firewalls can be used to maintain security on the Internet. OUTPUT: Below are my output devices followed by an alternative to them: MONITOR: A monitor is the most common output device and they range in size from 13 inches to about 21 inches. A 21-inch is needed by Quick rentals as they need to use it all day and the bigger the monitor the less stress there is on the eyes. Also they need to be able to see the information quickly as they will be serving members, so a good way of doing that is by having a big monitor. I choose a monitor because of the reasons above and because its not too expensive. THE FILM TRANSISTOR SCREEN: This is an advanced form of display giving high quality output. These are generally more expensive than normal monitors. INK-JET: This is a printer in which the print head contains tiny nozzles through which ink I sprayed onto paper, to form characters. They are not expensive and are useful for printing of documents etc. So an inkjet is my choice for a printer. LASER: A laser printer works on the same basis as photocopiers. They are very quick and have an excellent quality print. But colour laser printers are very dear and Quick rentals don't really need to do too much printing so there is no point in purchasing a laser printer. TESTING: Below is a testing table for my database system: TEST PREDICTION RESULTS TYPE ON MORE NUMBER OF CHARACTERS THAN ALLOWED. ERROR MESSAGE COMES UP AND MORE TEXT CANNOT BE TYPED. ERROR MESSAGE DID COME UP. PRINT THE SELECTED SHEETS SHOULD PRINT. SHEETS PRINTED OUT. DELETE SELECTED ITEM (S) SHOULD DELETE. SELECTED ITEM (S) DID DELETE. EXIT PROGRAM SHOULD CLOSE. PROGRAMS DID CLOSE. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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