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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1941

Video Store ICT Investigation

Extracts from this document...


ICT Coursework Specification Identification of Problem A video rental store has been letting out videos for 2 years. At the moment the records are kept on paper. These records include, videos rented out, videos back in, members details and account details. The problem is that paperwork has been known to get lost and there is no way of recovering these details. Also it takes a lot of time to rent out and return the videos and searching the records for overdue videos takes a lot of time. Background Letters video rental is a small time shop in Howe Green; it consists of 2 owners and the business is steady. It is open 8am to 8pm. It is also a general store and it sells the basics of milk, bread etc. There was a need in the village for video rental as the residents did not like going to Chelmsford and therefore the business is expanding Statement of Problem Paperwork has been going missing gradually over the two years, at first this was not a problem but then they lost financial information, this has encouraged them to get a computer. The Current System and problems with the current system At the moment each member has a membership card, this membership card has their name and their member number on. When they go to hire out a video there number is put down on paper and the number of the hired video/DVD is put down beside there name. ...read more.


created Make A report rpt_reciept report is made along with qry_reciept Add records to tbl_member Added records to tbl_member Add records to tbl_borrowing This is tbl_member this table will hold the details of the members; the key field of the table is Member ID. The Field size for all text types is 20. Apart from Postal Code, the field size is 7 and its format is > this means all text entered will be in upper case. This is tbl_borrowing, all the details of what people have borrowed will be held in this table. It has to key fields DVD ID and Member ID This is tbl_dvd/video it will hold all the information of the DVD's i.e. name, age rating etc. The key field is DVD ID This is tbl_member_dvd/video this is a link table, the key fields a Member ID and DVD ID This is my relationships window, it shows the relationships between the tables, it also shows that referential integrity has been enforced. This is tbl_member this is showing that the data has been entered but is also showing erroneous data being rejected. This is tbl_dvd/video in datasheet view it shows all the data that has been entered Testing Module Testing Forms This is the main form, the first button of the form goes to the members form The buttons at the bottom of the page allow the user to go through the different record, add record and delete records. ...read more.


Be able to track how much money a person owes The table will show you how much each DVD costs and from this you can add up what they owe. But this could take time. Be able to rent out and return videos quickly This has been achieved, the borrowing form has been made as user friendly as possible, the user has to select the members ID and the Video they wish to borrow then the amount of days, and the computer will work out the rest, this is a very quick system. The only bad thing about this is that the current system only allows the user to hire out one video at the time. Be able to print out a list of overdue videos This can be done by looking at the videos hired out and the videos over due can be worked out from this. This could have been made easier for the user but it has not. Enhancements The first main enhancement I would make is being able to hire out more than one video at a time, as this a serious limitation. This is do-able. Another enhancement that I would make is making it easier to see what is over due and how much the person owes, this would make the system much more stress free for the user as at the end of the day the last thing the user wants to do is to work out if a video is overdue or not or how much a person owes, if this was all computerised there would be less room for error. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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