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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1050

We had to create a website that would tell people about different types of hard ware and that we would be able to read, edit and understand the hypertext markup line on (HTML) on our website.

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Thomas Telford School Online Ltd GNVQ Intermediate Information and Communication Technology 2001Assignment 5 - Unit 3 We had to create a website that would tell people about different types of hard ware and that we would be able to read, edit and understand the hypertext markup line on (HTML) on our website. In planning for this website I had to work out were I was going to get my images, backgrounds and animated gifts from. I had to be careful with what I chose as there are a lot of copy right laws that we must obey. The Websites that I decided to use for my animated text was www.cooltext.com this contained many different types animated and internet text that I could download without briching any copyright laws. For the backgrounds to my site I decide to use the search engine www.bbc.co.uk and use what ever sites they came up with. ...read more.


We also had to use animated graphics and internet text to make our website look attracting to the public. on my first page I haved used 2 animated images and two different types of internet text. This is so that the web page first impression is not to crowed and people will enjoy it. On this page I have also included one hyper link this links the welcome page to the main page so that customers will have a choice in what they purchase. The hyper link on this page is the enter sign this will take the customer to the next page at the click of a mouse. in order to create my web-page first of all I had to start by putting in background. I had decided to use on of the ones that I had downloaded from the bbc search results. for most of my web-page. In order to do this you right clicking your mouse button and a window will appear on this there will be four tabs. ...read more.


scroll down menu will appear and you go onto horizontal line after I had done this I added text to my web-page and made a hyperlink and linked my pages to other pages that I had designed. In order for me to do this I selected the insert button on the main tool bar and going to the bottom of the scroll down menu that appears and selecting HYPERLINK. this then took me onto to another window which was called EDIT HYPERLINK and I then had to select the WORLD WIDE WEB button. This thwn comes up withits own tab and you have got insert the file or other that you are wishing to add the hyperlink between you then save the page and you then put a full stop onto the end of HTM and you have completed making a hyperlink. in order to create a hyper link between an image and another it is done in the same way. Alexandra Angus BDA 8102 Dartmouth Community College 54311 - 1 - ...read more.

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