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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4001

We have been set an assignment to organise an activity/project that will be taking place.

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Introduction We have been set an assignment to organise an activity/project that will be taking place. We are put in a situation to work in a team and learn about the administrative function and the roles and responsibilities of key people involved in helping to meet the activity/project aims and objectives. We have been put in our groups by our tutor, there are six people in our group including myself. So all six of us will work together to organise and plan this activity. We all don't know each other very well yet because it's just the first term of the academic year but I am willing to make a go off it in order for this project/activity to take place, so for that reason a lot of communication and co-operation needs to be involved in this project. We have decided that John will be the chairperson because he seems responsible and suitable for the role. And Andrew has volunteered to be the Secretary. So all other members of the group will do general tasks that will be involved with the planning of the project. Each member of the group plays a very important part in this assignment. John who is the chairperson undertakes an extreme job, making sure everyone knows exactly what they are doing and how we are going to do this project. Andrew plays the part as the secretary, he has to make sure that all members of the group know when and where a meeting should take place. He also has to be in charge in producing hand outs and other paper based information to other members of the group. Other members of the group have to follow along at all meetings and undertake tasks and responsibilities that are given to them. Their Responsibilities are to make sure that they have produced an action plan and have all the vital information which is needed for this project, this would include any information relating to the project. ...read more.


All the constraints of objective one and two will have an overall affect on achieving objective three. How this may be dealt with? Before making the booklet, we will have to be careful and make sure the recipe we put in the booklet is accurate, we will need to check there are no mistakes, that all spelling and grammar are correct and that the whole booklet is formatted in a suitable way so everyone will find it easy to read. We will have to make the booklet attractive, eye catching and include a range of delightful recipes which might actually make the people buy it. I have also identified another constraint which will affect all three of the objectives, this is the timing, we are not sure how long it will take to construct the whole booklet, how long it will take to obtain recipes from the internet/library, or how long it will take to sell the booklets (whether it will sell quickly or not). Lastly the final constraint is legislation, this is particularly important but it depends on the type of project/activity being proposed. Generally legislation needs to be considered in all aspects of the project because when planning an activity, we have to be aware of the legislation which may affect us. The main legislation that should be taken into account is: * Data Protection act * Health & Safety * Equal Opportunities * Other legislation that relates to the project I will give a brief explanation of each of these legislation and then consider whether it concerns us or not, in other words whether it will have an affect on us. Data protection The purpose of data protection act is to protect personal data and to make sure data is used accurately and for the purpose it is intended only. Principles of data protection Anyone processing personal data must comply with the eight principles of good practice. ...read more.


Contingency plan A contingency plan is a plan designed to deal with a particular problem that may occur. A contingency is something that may happen, an event that may occur in the future, especially a problem, emergency, or expense that might arise unexpectedly so in that case these problems need to be dealt with, and therefore we must be prepared for it. Proposed plan We have planned to print the booklets at College using the College equipment; this includes the computers and printers which is part of our administrative requirements. But before we go ahead with this we first need to obtain permission to use the College equipment from out tutor - Pat White, therefore we sent an e-mail to her. Fortunately she replied back and gave her consent to use the Equipment. (See Appendix 4) Contingency plan However if our proposed plan failed maybe if our tutor did not give her consent to use the College equipment, then we would have to consider other alternatives to print the booklets. This would be to use a local printing company called 'Pronta Print' which is located near our College site. But first of all we need to find out the printing prices they charge for our type of booklets. So I looked up their details on the internet to find a contact address, I found their e-mail address so I decided to e-mail them for a quotation. (See Appendix 5) Possible constraints with contingency plan I have received a reply from the printing company stating the price and it looks like there is going to be problem with this contingency plan. The obvious problem is the costs, this is because it is higher than we expected. So we are not sure how we are going to deal with this if we have to use this plan. We are not sure if we have that amount of cash to spare even though the project is for charity. So we are hoping that we won't have to resort to our contingency plan. Unit 20 - Administrative operations 1 ...read more.

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