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We will have 8 bookings in a day and will only accept advanced bookings. They can phone up or drop in and book here. When they book we will take their name, address, and car make and model

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Background The other day I phoned up the local garage and made a booking, as there was a problem with my car. So I took it down the next day and there was a huge queue AT the office. When it was my turn I asked them what was going on and they said that they double booked the whole day and there were a lot of angry customers. As it was one of my friends who owned the garage he made a bet with me, he said that if I could open and run a more successful garage he would sign the deed of his garage over to me. So, me being a betting man I accepted this challenge and I now had to think of what I could do better than his garage to make mine more successful. I had already got 10 mechanics in mind so all I needed was a booking system. I thought of making a computer system. This idea struck me as quite reasonable so I stuck with it. So I got to thinking and I remembered my AS ICT course work and I thought of doing the same type of thing for my garage. ...read more.


2. To allow easy entry of data maybe using a switchboard for the customer information and information on the cars themselves. 3. To make a system that is easy to use for the average mechanic. Resources For this database to work my customer will need a few things if they do not already have them. These include the following: 1. A basic computer 2. A mouse and keyboard 3. A black and white printer 4. Microsoft access 2000 for windows. This will come to a maximum of �1000. The computer will only have to have Microsoft 2000 so we will not need a huge processor or ram but a basic computer will do. A mouse and a keyboard are obviously for navigating through the menus and entering data. A black and white printer as we may want to see a copy of all the customers in case our system fails and we will not need a colour as there is not point as it will be more expensive. Software The soft ware needed for my system to work is; a Microsoft operating system, Microsoft office 2000 which must include access 2000 and a decent anti-virus. ...read more.


A print out of all of our customers and their details All the data about the customer This is in case our computer crashes or we have a power cut and this would be our backup. Repair history of a certain car The owner of the car The car Previous problems and the date of these recorded problems This is so we can see if a car has a fault history with a certain part egg if the steering seems to go a lot. Look up a customer The customer and car info This is for when the work on the car has finished and we can let the owner know. PROCESSES Description What? Comments An on screen display of a to do list Booking=today's date Report layout This will be an onscreen display but it will also be able to be printed off if needed. Customers & details Print all customers and their details. This will be a backup incase the system crashes Look up customer Filter of all customers and their customer id's This is of when we want to contact our customers when their car has been finished. REPAIR HISTORY OF A CAR Filter the car itself and its repair history. This is to see if there has been a constant problem with the car. ?? ?? ?? ?? AS ICT Coursework 05/05/2007 Daniel Woodbridge 1 ...read more.

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