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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1125

Web -based construction.

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1. Introdaction While most professions have been quick to embrace the information age, the construction industry has fallen behind in using new technology. However, web-based systems, designed specifically with public works professionals in mind, are emerging to help improve project management and overall efficiency. Time is among the precious commodities on construction sites. Rarely is there enough time to complete all facets of a project on deadline. Under constant pressure to complete projects on time and on (or even under) budget, construction managers also face difficulties communicating with all of their contractors, subcontractors and managers. Technology can aid the process by providing construction managers with communications tools, Web-based systems and other time- and money-saving devices. 2. Web -based construction A web-based management system creates a "paperless" environment where electronic files are transferred from one person to another. The project team can access specific project information in an accurate, timely manner from practically anywhere at anytime. These systems significantly reduce the reproduction and paper cost consumed throughout the lifetime of a project by eliminating the need for most hard copy documents. ...read more.


They can also share the same screen and same program thereby entering the same virtual reality space. This allows discussing virtually any matter without the need to travel. On-Line Bidding Systems One-way electronic bidding systems already are in wide use. These allow bid packages to be downloaded from a Web site with bids returned on paper, sometimes with a requirement that files on disks accompany them. However, recently some companies have developed on-line systems to facilitate Two-way bidding, i.e. bid documents can be submitted as well as edited on-line before the bid-closing date. This will reduce lot of paper work resulting in time and cost savings. On-line Project Administration Systems The on-line project administration systems can provide round the clock information about the project such as project status; directory of contractors, consultants, vendors and suppliers; project drawings and specifications; project control reports and the facility to submit on-line change orders. A number of construction companies are adopting such systems to facilitate better communication between the head office and the remote project sites, which could result in both time and cost-savings. ...read more.


Among other things, the round-the-clock digital views and archives of project progress are serving as impartial dispute arbiters. The Web cams provide continuous pictures regardless of weather and safety conditions and save hours or even days of travel time. Moreover, all images are recorded for archiving and have date and time stamps. Web cams could become more popular as project participants recognize their importance in project monitoring and dispute resolution. Web cams typically can help resolve critical-path delays caused parties or by an Act of God such as floods. They can also be used to stop workers' compensation fraud. 4. Conclusion As technology continues to evolve, making tasks easier and faster, the transition to an Internet-based standard is becoming more appealing to companies. Companies are realizing that the web can provide a productive and competitive advantage. The sooner a firm implements a web-based system, the better prepared the firm will be to take advantage of future technological advancements. 5. References 1 http://www.constructware.com/ 2 http://www.pmisouthsask.org/ 3 Construction benefits from paperless systems- Christina M. Couret, National Real Estate Investor 4 Internet goes to work for builder- Larsen, Amy K. ...read more.

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