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Web design Coursework (Evaluation part 5)

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Evaluation Quantitative Objectives fully evaluated * The website must be colourful.(Every webpage includes colour) * The website must be easy to use and straightforward. ( The website contains easy to use links and hyperlinks) * The website must be security protected by a password or other means of protection. (There is a password page which protects the website) * The website must contain all vital information. ( The website contains all vital information) * The website must include the prices of the products. ( The website does include the pricing of the holidays and products) * The website must contain images of products. ( the website contains many images of the holidays available) * The website must contain a video. ...read more.


It did not work at first as the file type was not supported by the program however after converting the video file to a suitable format the video worked perfectly. Also at first there were only three WebPages in the entire website and I thought this was too little. Improvement To improve the website I have decided to add two extra pages to the website, one page will be the password page and one page will be the contact us page. These two pages will make the total number of pages in the website 5 and make it look m ore professional. ...read more.


Also I need the website to be more friendly and easy for me to change the information if I needed to change it. Please could you fix these problems and give me the website and I hope I will be able to successfully use it. Everything else on the website is absolutely perfect. Thank You John Smith Improvements from user feedback Based on the user feedback improvements I have made changes to the website include changing the information on pages about the holidays and general information about them. Also I have made the website more user friendly and made it possible for the owner of the company to change the website accordingly to the surroundings. Also that it easily edited if it does need to be edited. ...read more.

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