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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 655

Web design Coursework (implemtation part 4)

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Implementation Finished design The finished design was implemented in Mediator in accordance to the sub-tasks. The homepage you can see below will allow the user to get to all the different pages which tells them about the different holidays and packages the company offers. However I did make some changes to the website and these were: - Changed the pictures - Used a different font - I used a password page which I had not initially decided to use. Password Page Test Check Test No. Purpose of Test Expected Result Actual Result 1 Test the Buttons that link to all other pages. Pass Pass 2 Test the hyperlinks on all pages. ...read more.


2. Test the hyperlinks on all pages. PASS As you can see the homepage button and all other buttons go to the page they are supposed to as the link above shows as it does. 3. Test scrolling marquee. PASS As you can see the text on show will follow the animation which is the animation path which is the scrolling marquee. It will be scrolling around the page. 4. Test password page for any errors. FAIL As you can see the test failed because when writing the conditions of the IF statement a spelling mistake was made which allowed the password page from working. The error has now been fixed and the password page works perfectly. ...read more.


FAIL This test failed because the name of the song entered was incorrect so the music did not run however now the name of the song has been corrected and now the song plays throughout the entire website correctly. 9. Make sure windows media player video plays correctly. PASS As you can see the windows media player video is playing the video perfectly without any problems. 10. Make sure timing for every motion path is correct. PASS As you can see above the motion paths have been adjusted to meet their surroundings and fit in correctly to the webpage that they will be shown on. 11. Test all animated gifs work properly. PASS As you can see above once again all the animated Gifs are working correctly and can be opened correctly into the website document. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arun Khuttan ICT coursework 2007-06-29 Web design ...read more.

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