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Web Design. For this assignment I have decided to design and produce a single web page on myself, including my hobbies, with images and links to external sites

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Network Technology and Applications Assignment 2 G104728 Jamie Robertson 10155025 Contents 1.1 Introduction 2.1 The Design Process 2.2 Page Production & testing 3.1 Conclusion 4.1 Appendices 1.1 Introduction For this assignment I have decided to design and produce a single web page on myself, including my hobbies, with images and links to external sites. Enclosed is the design process for the page and details of the production of the page. I will test the web page using two web browsers to ensure compatibility on more than one platform. I will also include an option on the page to email the author of the page, myself. 2.1 The Design Process. I have decide the content of the web page will be myself, it should include details of my hobbies, family and a brief description of my past, to help with the design of the page I decided that the content will be displayed on one page where you can ...read more.


Once I had decided on the design of the web page from the sketches I then started to write the code for the site. 2.2 Page Production & Testing For the web page I decide to write the code using HTML version 4.01 as this is the latest version and supports more features, although I have not made full use of all the features it supports like scripting and multimedia content, I felt it was necessary to use the latest version to ensure it would be compatible with all the latest web browsers. When deciding this I did not take into consideration users with machines over 4 years old or running any other operating systems other than windows XP SP2, while the page may be displayed correctly on other operating systems it is not know what the results will be. ...read more.


I have not tested the web site with older versions of internet explorer for backward compatibility or other operation systems other than Windows XP SP2. There may be some issues with the embedded music file but this is currently unknown. 3.1 Conclusion To conclude, I have designed a web site containing one page using HTML 4.01 written using notepad and taking reference literature and the web relating to web design using HTML 4.01. The site contains both text and pictures with links to external sites that I have no control over. The page has an mp3 file embedded which will play when the page has loaded. The music file is not set to loop and will play just once. The page has been test on two web browsers and I have found there to be no problem. 4.1 Appendices ...read more.

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