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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 760

Website Report

Extracts from this document...


Website Coursework Identification A new shop has recently opened and is trying to think of ways to promote their new 'Games' store. They haven't had many customers in their first few weeks and the business partners have decided to introduce ways of advertising their new shop. They have created some leaflets to hand out around the shopping centre and have a advertisement on a few of the local radios but one of the shop assistants suggested that the shop had a website. Nobody in the shop knows enough about creating websites, so I have been asked to produce a website that can advertise the store on the internet, sell some of the of the stores product and items and to try and include some small games to keep the customers interested and give them an idea about what they can buy. ...read more.


There is a working counter at the bottom of the page, with a link to the main page above it. MAIN PAGE Clicking on the 'Quik Nav' icon produces a drop-down navigation menu which can be used to access various pages on the website. The page also includes a 'tip-of-the-day' feature with useful tips regarding the website. The four main areas of the site are shown in the middle of the page, with some more useful links underneath. MOBILE PHONE PAGE This page displays a selection of mobile telephones on offers by the company. The page is simple, yet the blue boxes draw your attention to the products on offer. Clicking on the pictures brings up an option to buy the products on-line, and the page also includes a back button, for an easy return to the main page. ...read more.


There is a link at the top of the page so that visitors can find out the address of the store on the information page if they see a phone that they like. INFORMATION PAGE This page includes information about the store: how to contact it and where it is. There is no back button this time, although there is a button which takes you straight back to the main page. SEARCH PAGE Drop-Down menu This page enables the visitor to search the web for other deals on mobile phones, although there is a promise that 'Mobile Mania's' phones are the cheapest, or you can have some money back. Clicking on the arrow produces a drop-down menu that allows the user to select which or the five popular search engines they would like to use. Clicking the search button takes the user to a results page based on the text they searched for and the search engine that was chosen. ...read more.

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