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What are the issues raised by ICT?

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What are the issues raised by ICT? (Should refer to ethical and moral issues as part of your answer) Ethical: Means moral and considering the implications of it-moral info (what's good and bad about it) * Makes world global, access to knowledge information at touch of finger tip. * Makes things so much easier and efficient * Communication easier world wide * Issues are that this power can be abused if the info is in the wrong hands e.g. Credit card stolen e.t.c * Not all the info we can access is not always good for us-some dangerous and illegal Technology has improved considerably over recent years. Technology has literally allowed access to global information to become available at a touch of the finger tip; Culture, nature, history and so much more can be accessed by just typing in on the internet. Communication world wide has been made easier by using emails, instant messaging etc, businesses have been able to access information about their clients and technology has enabled marketing efforts to be reduced with the ability to advertise online and enabling their customers to buy and see their products and information online. So, we can see that the improved and sophisticated technology is of such a great advantage and has made life so much easier and efficient for all. However, information accessed by technology can also be abused if in the wrong hands and can be, potentially, very dangerous. ...read more.


For example an individual could take photos of children and post them on the internet which would then be available for paedophiles. A person could make up details about an individual they know and post them on an accessible site. Or a SCAM artist could make people give there bank details because they are lead to believe that it is for an important issue, when actually his/her details are about to go into the hands of a fake professional, and someone who would now how to use the bank details for their own purposes. Maintaining the right power in relationships has always been one of the big ethical challenges in society. Giving more privacy to individuals gives them more power. For example, new technology allows the receiver of the phone call to know the number of an incoming call, this is potentially a threat to the caller because companies may use the number to make unsolicited calls at a later date. By blocking the callers ID gives more power to the caller by protecting their privacy. For instance, a scam artist who convinces a person to give out their bank details can only make the trick work by hiding his ID. Secrecy is basically behind the deceptive acts, secrecy gives more power to those undertaking criminal activity. Even with businesses behaving lawfully, power is increased from the secrets that can be kept hidden. ...read more.


In theory we could have individual tailor made drugs based on genes. This would not be possible without the recent advances in IT and the resulting significant increases in computing power. Genomics is the science of mapping and sequencing and analyzing genes which are the building blocks of life. Managing and controlling genetic information will have a huge impact on society. It is the fastest growing knowledge base about humanity in history. Genomics might even change what we think is ethical. So pharmacogenics could result in a total reduction of side effects, but would we be happy about this type of information being stored in the hands of others? What if this information was abused? This leads me to my conclusion on the issues raised by IT. I believe that IT is good for society if used correctly, in a trustworthy way and if used for a generally good purpose. But IT has become so powerful and advanced, that if mishandled and abused, it could be effectively INCREDIBLY dangerous and have a massive impact on our freedoms and human rights. I believe that some are still too ignorant on the advantages and especially the disadvantages of IT, so that is why I have even more reason to believe that IT should be monitored much more carefully. IT is potentially very powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands, but it allows us to have a better relationship and come to a better understanding with all parts of society if used correctly. ...read more.

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