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what are the wider and social economic effects of electronics

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What are the wider social and economics effects of electronics? 1994 model T Ford 33 mph 15 mpg �45,000 2004 Ford Focus 100 mph 45 mpg �15,000 1954 Government computer 1 Hz clock speed 1 kB memory �1,000,000 2004 home computer 3 GHz clock speed 60 GB memory �500 The effect that electronics has had on our lives is amazing. We are extremely dependent on our electronic devices e.g. mobile phones, computers and cars. In today's society we can't live without these devices and they keep on getting more and more accessible. ...read more.


The electronics have led to computers and telephones which in turn have led to more jobs being created. This in turn leads to a thriving British economy and a happy general public. Electronics also makes it easy to do these jobs so instead of old methods like telegram and fax you can use email or text using your computer or mobile phone. How has electronics improved in size and performance? 5110 Size Motorola L6 Weight: 170 g Weight: 86g Dimensions: 132 x 47.5 x 31 mm Dimensions: 113 x 49 10.9mm As you can see there is a huge weight, dimension and style difference this is because of the huge advances in the engineering of the devices. ...read more.


Conclusion My conclusion is that we could not live without modern day technology which most of is electronic. For example if you had no car and you were walking somewhere and it started to rain you would get wet but now we drive everywhere and you just turn on your window wipers. All of this is because of electronics so try and imagine a life without electronics. Every where you go you either see or hear electronics e.g. mobile phones ringing, a television on and even people talking about electronics. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lily Greenwood 11I GCSE Electronics Coursework ...read more.

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