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WHAT MAKES A GOOD WEB PAGE It is important to understand what makes a good web page before you can design one of your own successfully. These are the sorts of things that you should consider when you are evaluating a web page. Audience and Purpose is it obvious who the site is for and what it is about? Ease of Use is it easy to use and navigate? Content does it tell you what you expected it to? Is it suitable for the age group that it is aimed at? Are the graphics relevant? Links do the links work? ...read more.


Outline of Scenario What is the purpose of the web page? Target Audience Who is the web page intended for? Source Material What text files will you use? What links will you have? What graphics will you use? You have been asked to create a web page for the preparatory school. Create a suitable design brief and design. Amazon Amazon is a shop which sell different types of product .it has a website where customers can brows and buy a wide range of things like books, DVD, computer parts and may other things. Everyone can order stuff from internet. ...read more.


Features: * A feature of the website Amazon is that you can order stuff online and then it will be deliver to you door. * Another feature of this website is you can first see the brief detail of a product you are buying or you want to buy. Advantage for using Internet: * Advertising is easy. * Every customer type their own detail. * There are no expensive high street premises. * Your detail is saved so , you don't need to enter it again and again. Disadvantage of using internet: * Some people don't have internet. * Some people are scared of giving their details . * Its not very easy to take a goods back to internet . But in shop its easy to take good back. ...read more.

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