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What system are you using at present, and how does it work? Designing a new system.

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SPECIFICATIONS Problem Background The end user has a warehouse in Bolton. Customers come into the shop to purchase quantities of different types of fittings. The stock information must be updated on-line, and a running profit on each invoice is to be noted. Finally, an invoice for the customer is to be created and sent with the goods. The discussion in the above paragraph helps in indicating the present system. But, included in this present system is a lot of paperwork. Most of the paperwork consists of faxes, invoices and order forms, each of which get passed between the wholesaler and the customer. All necessary details are on separate paper forms. The order form used by the wholesaler and consists of a large list describing the various fittings wanted by the customer. This is set out in table format that includes the name and quantity wanted. The customer indicates what items they need by filling in the quantity column in the table next to the chosen fitting. The rest of the form shows the customer's details including name, address, telephone and fax numbers, the order number and the date the client would like the order to be completed by. This gets faxed back to the wholesaler who, in turn, notes the details, packs the fittings and produces the invoice. This then gets dispatched to the appropriate customer. The wholesaler has to keep a record of the sale, update the stock level and produce a copy of the transaction for storage. ...read more.


Objectives * Allow easy maneuverability around the screens * Make all actions on-line and interactive * Allow automatic saving of stock and sales files and shutdown of the system * Add a new light to the stock * Display all lights with all details * Allow a sale of a light to be performed * Update the lights stock level * Create an invoice for a customer's purchase to be performed * Print out a customer's invoice * Allow daily sales details to be displayed for management use Hardware and Software Facilities In this section I will talk about the hardware and software requirements that the new system will need if it was to be implemented on the end-user's computer. As the interview suggests, the firm is not, in any shape or form computerised and will obviously have to be in order to get this system up and running. I will suggest the type of Hardware and Software facilities that are needed to implement this new system. The firm then knows what kind of hardware and software they will need when this system is installed. The user has already assured me that they are willing to undergo any necessary training so that they can familiarise themselves with the programme and also with a computer, as the interview shows nobody in the firm has any kind of I.T. skills. As stated previously in the user's environment there are no computers whatsoever and so they will have to get computerised to be able to use this system. ...read more.


that will automate the work and meet up with the objectives set by him in the interview. In this system a point/click will be present which will be customised to the user's specific needs. This will enable the user to navigate around the system much more easily and much more quickly. User Interface I want the user to be able to manoeuvre between screens without the hassle of having to go to 'file', 'open', then open the appropriate spreadsheet that he wants to use. By having a menu screen the user will come 'face to face' with a screen that has various buttons on which will take you to an appropriate workbook e.g. customer orders, when the system is switched on. This will be quicker and easier to use for a person who has limited I.T. skills Such as the user. By having a menu screen, when the system is switched on the user will automatically be taken to this screen and from here he will be able to navigate himself around various parts of the system i.e. to different worksheets such as the stock or invoices. He will also be able to exit the system and save any changes that have been made during the use of the system in that particular day. The system will be performing repetitive tasks, such as going from one particular spreadsheet to another. By having a menu screen and toolbar this will make the system more interesting and also, perhaps more pleasing to the eye. ...read more.

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