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Why is accuracy so important on a website?

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Shivangee Maurya 10V ICT GCSE Full Coursework 21/9/07 Accuracy and more Why is accuracy so important on a website? Accuracy is very important on a Website as one mistake can cause many misunderstandings, which can lead to great problems. For example if on the website the currency converter had the wrong conversion rate. People who make use of the currency converter which will convert either from Pounds to Rupees (I hope to in the future do it from many other currency rates). When this person enters their amount in, they would get the wrong conversion which would cause many problems for example if they want to purchase an item they will give the wrong amount of money or give too much which will cause them to question why; all this will be re directed back to the Indian Travels website. In extreme cases this could lead to a court case were people will question as to why we did not have verification checks and Validation. For example if we purchased something from online and the policy of refunding things had mistake and said that the product could be refunding with 28 days however the actual value was 8 days this would cause many confusion and people would be asking the online website why they did not use verification to ensure what has been written is correct. ...read more.


Verification A verification check is another form of checking data it is done to ensure and verify that the data entered has been copied correctly from the original source. There are many types and different ways to carry out verification check. The advantage of a verification check is so that you know that the right data is being copied. The advantages of double entry is that you can check both copies to each other and then you can notice the mistakes then the mistakes are corrected and they are checked to the original to see if there are more mistakes. The disadvantage of the double entry method is that it takes a lot time. The advantage of a visual check that it doesn't take a lot of time. The disadvantage is that the operator may not realise their own mistakes. A small disadvantage would be that even if it is checked by someone else the mistake may not always be noticed. There are a few types of verification check which are on screen prompts, Dual Input, keyboard and spell check and you can get someone else to read the data. On screen prompts This is for once a user has entered the data it is shown on the screen. ...read more.


This could also happen at the health centre to cut down on typing time and amount a lot of things could be abbreviated. This could be useful for the spreadsheet instead of writing the currency name out in full I could use its symbol. This is something which I will not need to use for my website. Keyboard and Spell check The keyboard allows you to enter your choice of information. However at times you can enter an incorrect letter the spell check will highlight that you have made a mistake. Then you go to the word and if there is a spelling error it will give a list of the possible words you are trying to type and you choose one of them or you correct it yourself if the word you wanted to type is not available. This is an accurate method as you are in control of what you type. Also with a spell check you can assure that whatever you have entered is correct. This is a fast method as you are in control of what you are typing also if by any chance you think there maybe mistakes you can check and correct them with a spell check. For the website Most of these data entry methods will not be useful to me the only one which applies to is the Keyboard and Spell check ...read more.

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