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Windows 98 SE Installation and Configuration Log Ray Nimmo

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Windows 98 SE Installation and Configuration Log Ray Nimmo HNC 1-Assessment task 4 Disk Partitioning: Windows 98 boot disk inserted and computer switched on. Computer started with CD support. From A:> prompt - Typed FDISK then enter. Y to confirm large disc support. Selected option 4 to view partition information. Selected option 3 to delete partition. Option 1 to confirm. Prompted to enter volume label, none entered. Pressed Esc Selected option 4 to view partition information - none present Selected option 1 to create DOS partition. Option 1 to verify. Y to confirm maximum available size. Pressed Esc to exit From A:> prompt pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. Disk Formatting and Labelling From the A:> prompt, typed FORMAT C:, then enter. ...read more.


Installation Complete. Configuration and Testing From Start Menu, selected Settings, then Control panel. Keyboard: - Tested Repeat Delay - Tested Repeat Rate - Tested Cursor Blink Rate - Clicked Language Selection Tab - Set default to English(British) - Changes applied, then OK Locale: - Selected Regional settings from control panel - Able to change from here Time, Date, Currency, Number System used and regional settings, ie where the machine is - UK. Mouse: - Right handed mouse selected - Button click speed set and tested - Pointer style selected as Windows standard - Pointer speed and trail lengths adjusted to suit - Changes applied, then OK Video Driver: - Selected System from Control Panel. - Selected display adaptors, then clicked properties. ...read more.


- Click the Appearance tab. - From here select desired Windows scheme. - Click the Screensaver tab. - From here select desired screensaver timings. Folder remove: - Click Start Menu. - Then Programs, then Accessories. - Right click on Games Folder. - Select delete. Disable sounds: - Click Start Menu, then Settings, then Control Panel. - Select Sounds. - From the Events window, select the desired sound. - From the Name drop down box, select none. - No sound will play upon selected event. System Policies: - To control access to a folder or printer. - Open My Computer. - Select desire folder or printer. - From the File menu select Properties. - Click Sharing tab. - If using user level access control click add, to specify who gets access. - If using share level access control, type password for folder or printer. - ...read more.

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