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World Wide Web.

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Abstract: Our life including political, economic, social and cultural factors are all under the influence of World Wide Web. Education is no exception. Web-based education (WBE) is a typical product blended education and Web, whose characteristics such as widely access, low cost but high profit, frequent update and feedback, highly interactive communication, dynamic learning environment all spur its speedy development. Meanwhile, with the rise in the popularity of WBE, the problems such as weak integration of the means, weak interactivity among student, professor and the system, at a loss in "information sea" and 'one-size-fit-all' web-based systems also emerged. Web-accessible system combined Web-based system and conventional learning system may be one way to solve the partial problems. Intelligent tutoring systems may be another. Training and supporting the faculty of WBE and building awareness of students will also contribute to speed up the development of WBE. Key words: World Wide Web(WWW) Web-based education(WBE) Web-based educational system(WBES) information sea Web-accessible education(WAE) intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) World Wide Web and Education 1.The definition of World Wide Web "The World Wide Web, or simply Web, is a way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet. It is an information-sharing model that is built on top of the Internet. ...read more.


are greatly different from the teacher-centered traditional method. Through the investigation among the students experienced the new teaching method with the help of WWW, 72% of graduates and 83% of undergraduates give a positive answer on the question of "Does the use of the WWW make the course easier?"(Dilvan de Abreu Moreira 2003). 3.4 The disadvantages of the WBE Over the years, the student body usually changes in several ways: such as full-time vs. part-time, distance vs. local attendance. Problems of WBE are different from one type of student body to another. With regards to full-time and local attendant students, empirical data describing who may be successful in Web-based learning environments at the community college are scarce.( The Web-based community college student:). The reason is the introduction of new technologies in the real education environment is a difficult problem. For example, the relatively modern and quite common methods of teaching, such as videoconferences or on-line courses (as versions of textbooks) have not been very successful due to their limitations and to the negative facets that they contain, to mention some: weak integration of the means, weak interactivity among student, professor and the system, dominant paradigm of knowledge transmission, separation of the apprentices from the cooperative activities in the learning scenarios. ...read more.


In a word, standardization of the system to all kinds of target students and different learning environments may be the major barriers during the development of WBE. Anyway, the future of WBE is promising. The Difference Between the Internet and the World Wide Web. http://www.webopedia.com/DidYouKnow/Internet/2002/Web_vs_Internet.asp Abowd, G. (1999). "Classroom 2000: An experiment with the instrumentation of a living educational environment." IBM Systems Journal 38(4 October): 508-530. Barrie Gunter, C. R., Richard Withey,David Nicholas (2003). Aslib Proceedings 55(4 2003): 203-216. Dilvan de Abreu Moreira, E. Q. d. S. (2003). "A Method to Increase Student Interaction Using Student Groups and Peer Review over the Internet." Education and Information Technologies 8: 47-54. Eurobarometer (2000). "Measuring Information Society,European Commission,Brussels." Fuller, A., Awyzio, G., and McFarlane, P. (2001). "Using WebCT to support team teaching.In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies,." 315-318. Pew (2000). "Tracking Online Life:How Women Use the Internet to Cultivate Relationships with Family and Friends,Pew Internet and American Life Project,Washington,DC." Lewis, L., Snow,K., Farris E., Levin, D., & Greene, B. (1999). Distance education at postsecondary education institutions: 1997-1998. NCES 2000-013, US Department of Education,National Center for Education Statistics. Urdan, T. A., & Weggen, C. C. (2000). Corporate e-learning: exploring a new frontier. WRHambrecht+Co. ...read more.

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