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Write up an Analysis for an ICT solution for an organisation that has a problem in which ICT can be used to solve this. The organisation should not be fictional as this will be invalid and will gain no marks.

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Write up an Analysis for an ICT solution for an organisation that has a problem in which ICT can be used to solve this. The organisation should not be fictional as this will be invalid and will gain no marks. You should clearly state the problem and the corresponding solution. The Analysis should not exceed 1500 words (diagrams and footnotes are not included) Introduction Kitchen Wok is a small Takeaway who sells various different Asian dishes to takeaway. One can order their takeaway in person or over the telephone. My client (Mr. N Cong) is the owner and the manager of Kitchen Wok. He employs two other people and works himself as the Chinese Chef. One of the employees is the Tandoori chef for Indian dishes and the other being the waiter/delivery man. The takeaway is open from 5pm till 11.00pm Sunday to Thursday and 5pm to 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It is closed on all major holidays including Christmas and New Years. The takeaway is in two parts; the ordering and waiting area at the front and the kitchen at the back. In the kitchen the Chef and the Tandoori chef share the jobs of cleaning dishes as well as the whole kitchen in addition to their specified jobs. ...read more.


In addition to the above the client has asked to change the stocks which are checked manually. At present the week to week lists are prepared by hand. The items that the client has used in the week had to be written down and their costs are added. All of this is done in a duplicate book so he can keep a copy to prove that he has done it. Also if the tax people somehow lose it he can give the duplicate copy. As the week to week list is done by hand it sometimes can be messy and not legible. This creates problems as the client might have to redo all of that week again. The client uses a calculator to add up all the items and has to do the calculations several times to avoid any mistakes and be on the safe side. This takes long and is really time consuming and although the calculations were done several times the tax people still find mistakes with the addition. The daily checking of the remaining stock is another job that the client has to do. Manual, physical and long the client sometimes misses some of the items and the next day he can not serve that particular dish. ...read more.


of the prices - these will be done by using formulas on Excel. It shall accurately calculate the total amount. Output1: total amount of the cost of the items - should clearly display the correct total amount of the cost of the items Input 2: The number of portions of items brought Process 2: deduct portions - the process should be able to deduct at ease the number of portions used throughout the day Output2: the remaining number of portions - this should show the remaining number of portions of the stock and be able to warn the user if running low Hardware and Software available I will be using both the computer at school and at home. At school I have access to Pentium 4 PC with a 15" Benq flat screen monitor, scanner, along with both colour and black and white Epson laser printer. At home I have colour printer HP with a 17"TFT monitor and also have access to a scanner. End User Skill My client has little knowledge of word but hardly and of excel. The client has used computer now and then when really needed. So this is why I must keep the system simple to use and must not be too complicated. ?? ?? ?? ?? M RAHMAN 1 ...read more.

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