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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5282

Yourprice.com Information Technology Investigation

Extracts from this document...


Contents Page no. 1 Analysis 1.1 problem specification 1.2 user requirements 1.3 analysis of current system 1.4 input, processing and output needs 1.5 information requirements 2 Design 2.1 design of input 2.2 design of output 2.3 data checking and data controls 2.4 data structures 2.5 processing requirements 2.6 specialist software features 2.7 hardware requirements 2.8 software requirements 3 Software Development 3.1 hardware and software configuration 3.2 develop data and processing structures 3.3 user interface 3.4 data checking 3.5 annotated listings 4 Testing 4.1 testing strategy 4.2 test plans 4.3 test results 6 Evaluation 6.1 evaluations of results against the requirement specification 6.2 future developments 6.3 statements of limitations Analysis Problem Identification 1.1 Yourprice.com is a global Internet based music shop. As it is solely based on the Internet general maintenance costs and staff costs are considerably less than normal retail outlets. The company has been running for three years and recently shopping over the Internet has become more popular and therefore there have been many extra orders and with this, increasing demands by customers. The current computerised system is having problems dealing with the extra orders and staffs currently have to work overtime to make up for the inefficient system. The main reason for this is that each of the systems databases are completely detached from each other and therefore the relations between the customers file and stock file for example have to be done manually. Yourprice.com currently employs thirty-seven people. Eight of these employees are responsible for receiving orders via the Internet and other office work such as employee wages etc. Five employees make sure that orders and received by the twelve employees based in the warehouse who are responsible for making up the orders and making sure that they are correctly packaged and dispatched on time, four employees are responsible for dealing with customer enquiries and complaints, three are in charge of advertising and public relations and there are five managerial staff. ...read more.


The system will also have to calculate a subtotal, and an overall total for each order. The overall total will be calculated by adding postage and packaging on to the sub total. The distance the order has to be sent calculates this. The system will also need to be able to search for item details and customer details and it will need to be able to produce reports for each part of the system. As well as this it will have to be able to be easily amended and it should have options to add, delete and amend records. For example if a customer has changed their address the system will have to handle this so that the items are dispatched to the correct address. On the next page I have shown a list of all of the information requirements. Design Design of input 2.1 Over the next few pages I have included the pencil and paper designs of many of the layouts, buttons etc. displaying the design of the new system. Design of Output 2.2 Over the next few pages I have included the pencil and paper designs of many of the expected outputs from the system including reports, address labels and standard letters. Data checking and 2.3 Data controls This is the validation and verification of the data in the system to make sure that it is accurate, complete and reasonable. Data verification checks are the checks, which I can perform manually although data validation checks are those that the computer can detect automatically and produce error messages for. I have given a brief description of each validation check below. Presence check The data is checked to discover if and fields have been left Blank in a record that should not have been left blank. e.g. a mandatory field such as customer ID. Type check Each field is given a format and this format is reserved only or the characters identical to it, i.e a numeric field will only allow numbers whereas an alphabetical field will only allow letters. ...read more.


Test previous record button- to make sure you can go back to the last record. 14. Sub-total formula- Make sure that it equals the product of the quantity and the item price. 15. Balloon help on Item number field- to make sure it appears. 16. Included layout- to make sure that when item details are updated they are also updated in item file. 17. Quick report- print an Ad- Hoc report Item file 18. Amend record- so that item details can be updated 19. Item description list- to see if list appears. 20. Balloon help on sales rank field- to ensure that appears when required. 21. Uniqueness check- to ensure that items have their own unique item number. 22. Presence check- to make sure that a mandatory field isn't left empty. 23. Type check- to make sure that contents of a field are the correct format. 24. Test help screen button- to ensure that the help screen appears when the button is clicked. Test plans 4.2 Over the next few pages I have displayed my test plan sheets. These show the selection of tests that I will perform and the order that the tests will be performed in. I will follow the test plan sheets carefully using screen dumps to demonstrate the outcomes of the tests as mentioned previously. Test results 4.3 These are the details of the outcomes of all my tests. The results consist of screen dumps, test detail sheet and also whether or not the tests were successful. Evaluation of test outcomes Each test was determined successful if the actual results met the expected results. As you can determine from the following tests twenty-three out of the twenty-four tests were successful although the test that failed was repeated and was successful the second time. In conclusion therefore I am pleased with the test results as they prove that the new system has been implemented successfully and is working according to plan. Evaluation Evaluation of results 6.1 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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