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  1. Microsoft & Monopolies

    The proceeding was unique. Following separate but concurrent and largely coordinated investigations, the United States and several States commenced separate suits in the same court against Microsoft challenging substantially the same conduct. In pursuing the monopoly maintenance claim in court, the States did not assert any particular state interests in the matter, or indicate any actual or potential divergence from the approach taken by the United States with respect to liability or remedy. Microsoft moved the court to consolidate the two cases.

    • Word count: 2127
  2. “The case of Caldwell is unduly harsh in its effects, but has increasingly become irrelevant to the law on recklessness”. How far do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

    The trial judge directed the jury that malice was the equivalent to wicked and the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction - maliciously means intentionally or recklessly and the latter word required proof that the defendant had had some foresight of the risk and yet had still deliberately gone ahead. This was supported in Stephenson (1979) where the accused, a tramp, went to sleep in a haystack. Being somewhat cold, he decided to light a fire and caused some damage.

    • Word count: 2348
  3. ‘The present law does not properly recognise, in all their forms, relationships which are deserving of marital status. This is inconsistent with a modern, tolerant society.’

    Under the Children Act (1989) If your parents are married, you will need the consent of both parents; if they are divorced or legally separated you will need the consent of the parent that you live with. If both your parents are dead, you will need the consent of your legal guardian or the local authority if you are in care. * You must be of the opposite sex. Two men or two women cannot marry under English Law, see Bellinger v Bellinger & HM Attorney General (intervenor)(2000)

    • Word count: 2764
  4. Changes at Gressenhall workhouse 1800-1900

    While the 1782, Gilberts act allowed parishes to group together in order to build a workhouse for the poor. In late 18th century, problems began to emerge, in rural areas high prices, high unemployment, low wages and less common land for grazing led to more poverty. Parishes decided to bring in new system, which might benefit the poor e.g., speenhamland system. This was an allowance devised by magistrates at speenhamland in Berkshire, this worked like this, if people were poor and bread's price was high, wages were topped up according to the number of family members so if the family was big their income would be high.

    • Word count: 2342

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