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Advice on what you

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Advice on what you should do if you get arrsted and the law If you get arrested then you should always keep calm and not panic because if you do then the police will think you are guilty. However if you you give an innocent explanation for what you have done, the police may leave you alone. It is always wise even if you are innocent not to discuss the case with the police until you have consulted privately with a lawyer. Also if the police say to you can we have a 'friendly chat' then say no because they can always use that against you later. If you get stopped in the street by a person who says he/shes a policeman/woman then always ask to see their warrent card, ask them to tell you why they have stopped you and at the end of the search ask for a record of the search. You can also get stopped in the street if the police have a suspicion that you are in possession of drugs, weapons etc. ...read more.


over, to capture an escaped prisoner, to arrest someone for an arrestable offence or certain public order offences, to protect life or to stop serious damage to property etc. However other laws give police specific powers to enter premises. Always remember that You are entitled to see a copy of any search warrant.Police can use reasonable force to gain entry, police should give you information about their powers to search premises, a record of the search must be kept by the police, you or a friend should be allowed to be present during the search but this right can be refused if it is thought it might hinder investigations and when police seize items from you or your house be sure to insist on a written list of all seized items then and there. When you get arrested the police shoud say "You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence." ...read more.


It tends to negate a whole lot of trouble. When a person is arrested for drink driving, even though they are still entitled to a lawyer, the breath test procedure cannot be delayed while this is being done. A person who refuses to co-operate until he sees a lawyer will find himself charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath." If you want to challenge anything the police have done then get the names and addresses of any witnesses, make a written record as soon as possible after the event. It should be witnessed, dated and signed. If you are injured, or property is damaged, then take photographs or video recordings as soon as possible and have physical injuries medically examined. Finally you have a right to be treated fairly and with respect so if you have been treated unfairly then complain to a civil liberties group or contact a lawyer about possible legal action. This is the same when you are at any age. However if you are 10 years old or younger then you can NOT got arrested but any age after that all of these rules aply and this leaflet (if you read it properly) will become very handy if you do get arrested. ...read more.

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