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Analysing a Tennis Player

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Analysing and Improving Candidate Number: 0204 Candidate Name: Brendan Assibi The player I'm going to observe and analyse is Daniel Doyle. I'm going to analyse his tennis in his role as a singles player. Skills needed to be a good singles player > Mental Skills > Good anticipation > A good knowledge of the rules > Good strategies for different circumstances > Use opponents weaknesses for your own advantage > Good positioning > Speed > Imagination and innovation > Agile / Mobile / Good reactions > Ability to play a whole variety of shots. Daniel is very good at getting around the court to make up for lost ground or mistakes. ...read more.


This is a serious weakness considering that it is a shot you're going to have to use throughout any tennis match. So it mustn't be overlooked otherwise it could be disastrous. He also lacks the ability to play attacking shots. For example if you lobbed Daniel, although he will use his pace well to get to the ball he will be flustered as to what shot to play. His serve also needs some work. Daniels's knowledge of the game is also limited. Daniel also needs to think more closely as to where he is in the court in relation to the ball. Ways in which Daniel can strengthen his weaknesses are going to be addressed in the subsequent sentences. ...read more.


To improve Daniel's serves we're going to primarily get him comfortable with the action. Once he is he can then put that action into practice on a small court, just to get him accustomed to serving to the opposite side of the court. Once this has been accomplished successfully he can move onto a bigger court. At this point with all this practice Daniel would have had he should be really good at serving on all courts. To develop this a stage further he can try different spins and even put power into his serves. In order for Daniel to know all the rules and regulations of tennis he can simply get a book and read from cover to cover. To put this acquired knowledge into practice he can watch a tennis match and see the rules in action. ...read more.

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