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as You Like It..One of these is the relationship between the court fool Touchstone and a simple country girl named Audrey,

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As You Like It is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is a pastoral comedy, involving a traditional literary style, which allows it to separate from naturalism in its bid to portray the main plot of the story i.e. through conversations rather than a carefully outlined plot. The conversations are derived from the many important relationships of love and hate throughout the play. One of these is the relationship between the court fool Touchstone and a simple country girl named Audrey, which among other things highlights the characteristics of these characters and the difference between country and court life. This essay will attempt to describe this relationship and explain how it helps the reader understand these characters. Initially, before Touchstone journeyed out into the forest of Ardenne, his position in the court was looked on by many as a favoured position because as the court fool you were able to speak your mind and still be looked upon as a fool. ...read more.


Touchstone's relationship with Audrey seems to be born overnight and is based primarily on sex, for the elongated prose conversations that Touchstone had back at court would be lost on the simple ears of Audrey. As soon as the relationship begins there seems to be talk of marriage and Touchstone emerges as the dominating person in the relationship as Audrey is dumfounded by his courtly command of speech. This marriage is highly unreasonable from Touchstone's point of view because his breeding and overall appearance is much too superior to the simple and ugly shape of Audrey. Touchstone goes against his own words by being with Audrey and as he becomes more self-righteous his appearance of a foolish man talking wisely upends itself and he begins to act hypocritically to his own words. "That is another simple sin in you: to bring the ewes and the rams together...and to betray a she-lamb of a twelvemonth to a crooked-pated, old, cuckoldly ram, out of all reasonable match." ...read more.


In conclusion, Touchstone's transition from court life to country life proved to be a loophole for him to exploit and that is just what he did as he quickly did away with the chain of being and the romantic love in the court for a much more simple and 'physical' life out in the country, and changing this drastically didn't seem to bother him showing that he never had any respect for court life in the first place. His relationship with Audrey reinforced this as it was mainly compiled of sex, rather than the much more romantic court wooing. This relationship also reflected Audrey's very simple outlook on life and was perhaps the reason she was so attracted to Touchstone's complex prose. All of these points were involved in helping the reader understand these two characters, one much more complex than the other, in the play As You Like It. By Andrew Logie ...read more.

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