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Book report: The Pelican Brief.

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Book report: The Pelican Brief. 1� Summary Two Supreme Court Judges has been murdered. Darby Shaw, a law student, wrote a brief (The Pelican Brief) about the linking between the two murders and Vitor Mattience, the owner of an oil company which wants to build a factory in the Louisiana's Marshlands and also a close fiend of the United States' President. Shaw gave the brief to his teacher (and boyfriend) Thomas Callaham who gave it to a FBI lawyer friend of him. Several days after Callaham is murdered by a bomb-car. Shaw get scared because the bomb was thought to kill her too and run away from New Orleans. Meanwhile Gary Graham, a Washington Post journalist, knew about the Pelican Brief from a lawyer, who used the nickname of Garcia, and wrote an article about it. Shaw read Graham's article and called him. While Shaw travelled among all the East Coast of USA running away from killers she phoned several times to Graham. ...read more.


It is said that John Grisham got inspired from her for describing the character of Darby Shaw. She is also very intelligent, courageous and cold, and what is very important she is the only one who knows what it is behind the deaths of the two Supreme Court's judges. 3� Knowledge about the United States' Legal System. The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest court of the country. It is constituted by nine judge which are appointed by the United States' President with the approve of the Senate. The Supreme Court' judges can't be removed, his mandate is for live and it only could end with the withdraw of the judge or with his death. The litigation steps in the USA. The first judgement take places at the trial level. The verdict given in this level ca be appealed to the Circuit Court of Appeals (there are many Circuits Courts of Appeals so each one is named with a number, for example the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which is the one that appears in the novel (chapter thirty). ...read more.


Chapter two. P 18 Rehearing: A second hearing of a case already adjudicated. All the evidence is heard again and either side may introduce fresh evidence without leave. "The losing party will undoubtedly request a rehearing by the full panel, and this will take another three or four months." Chapter thirty. P 255 Bankruptcy: The estate of a person who had been adjudged by a court to be insolvent. "Yeah, I worked in the bankruptcy section on the eight floor, and oil and gas covers half of eight and all of nine." Chapter thirty-six. P 332 ? 333. Lawsuit: court case brought by one person or group against another. "Tell Jackson Feldman the lawsuit will be filed at nine in the morning, just as soon as the courthouse opens." Chapter forty-two. P 392. Affidavit: A sworn written statement used mainly for supporting applications and as evidence in court proceedings. The person who makes it must swear that the contents are true before a person authorised to take oaths. "It was a four-page affidavit, typed real neat and sworn to under oath before a notary public". Chapter Forty. P. 367. ...read more.

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