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Choose a novel in which the main character faces a dilemma - Set In Darkness - Ian Rankin.

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Choose a novel in which the main character faces a dilemma Set In Darkness - Ian Rankin The dilemma which the character faces begins when a long-dead body is discovered in a Queensbury House fireplace, a homeless man throws himself off a bridge - leaving behind a suitcase full of cash - and an up-and-coming politician is found murdered. Under mounting pressure from above to solve the murder of Grieve as quickly as possible, Rebus is not surprised to find there are people willing to do anything to capitalise on Scottish independence, especially when it comes to profiting from Edinburgh's booming land values. The links between the three deaths lead Rebus to a confrontation with one of Edinburgh's most notorious criminals, a man he thought he had put in jail for life. ...read more.


As the story is built up, layer-by-layer, other parts are revealed and shocking revelations are made, ending in an unexpected conclusion. The novel also incorporates the different viewpoints form each of the characters. Rankin adds a stalker who happens to be one of Rebus's colleagues, a couple of toughs who hang out in singles clubs and finish their evenings with a rape or two. The story is set in the criminal underworld of Edinburgh; the first part is set around the new Scottish parliament building at Queensberry House. Throughout the novel, the atmosphere was vividly detailed and it almost makes the reader feel as though they are a bystander to the action rather than reading it. ...read more.


The second main character being Rebus's arch nemesis, Morris Gerald Cafferty (Big Ger), the criminal who runs the city plays a major part in his underlying character. Whilst he and Rebus are natural enemies, underneath they have a lot in common, a fact that they both tacitly recognize. Rankin's ability of delivering convincing dialogue makes these characters, and the others, come alive for me. Police fa´┐Żade stripped down to its skeleton deep dark mystery sophisticated well paced thriller fierce realism criminal underclass crime writing of the highest order contemporary complex criminal underworld To conclude, this book is excellently constructed, with many unpredicted twists, and turns. The author's use of theme, structure, setting, and powerful characterisation, is at consistent level of excellence throughout the novel. It is an imaginative and absorbing book, which builds up the story layer by layer, making it highly enjoyable and exciting from the start until it reaches a gripping climax. ...read more.

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